Trinity Bight Fall 2023 Food, Shopping & Activities Guides

Planning A Fall Trip?

The fall is a beautiful time to visit Trinity and the Bonavista Peninsula, but sometimes it can be unclear as to what is open.  There are still plenty of activities and dining options in  Trinity and the communities of Trinity Bight for our guests to enjoy.

What is Trinity Bight you ask?

Trinity Bight is a large area of the Northwestern portion of Trinity Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. The bight contains the communities of New Bonaventure, Old Bonaventure, Trouty, Dunfield, Goose Cove, Trinity, Lockston, Trinity East, Port Rexton, Champney’s Arm, Champney’s West, Champney’s East, and English Harbour.   The Bight is just south of Port Union, Elliston & Bonavista.  While this list does not include operating hours for businesses outside of Trinity Bight, our team will help you at check-in understand what will be available to you in those areas should you explore beyond The Bight. 

The Artisan Inn's colourful waterside houses.
Artisan Inn & Vacation Homes



NOTE: These guides were created with information provided to us by various business owners.  Some may decide to change their operating dates and hours based on volume of guests or staffing. We always encourage individuals to make reservations when possible and to double check that the information remains correct.  Should any business in the Trinity Bight Area wish to contact us with information about their hours or to be added to or removed from the list, please reach out via email.

October Dining Guide Trinity Bight on the Bonavista Peninsula

Includes operating dates and times for:
Twine Loft (open until October 15th 2023) , Dock Marina, The Galley, Fisher’s Loft, Brightside Bistro, Port Rexton Brewery, Oh My Cheeses, Trinity Cabins, Two Whales Coffee Shop, Aunt Sarah’s Chocolates,


Fall 2023 Guide: Places to Shop Around Trinity on the Bonavista Peninsula

Includes operating dates and times for:
Twine Loft, Eriksen Premises, Aunt Sarah’s Chocolate, Lester Garland Building, Trinity Crafts, Two Whales Coffee Shop, Port Rexton Brewery, Shoreline Treasures, Sea of Whales.

Note all shops or businesses with shopping sections with the exception of Eriksen Premises are expected to be operating in October to some capacity. More details to come

Fall 2023 Guide: Shop, Eat, Do: Operating Days & Hours Bonavista, Elliston & Port Union

Includes operating dates and times for: 
The Harbour Side Cafe, Union House Arts, Home from the Sea, Barbera Houston Art Studio, Ryan Premises, Mock Begger Plantation, Matthew Legacy Centre, East Coast Glow, Artistry on Church, Kind Seas Jewlery, Ragged Rock, Bicycle Picnics, Quintal Cafe

Special Events

Trinity: Fort to Forge 10km race – September 23, 2023

Quintessential Vocal Ensemble  Performance in Trinity October, 1st 3pm 2023

Trinity Fall Shopping Festival: October 13-15th 2023
(Various shops will open and offer special end of season savings)




2024 Job Opportunities – Artisan Inn Trinity



Front Desk / Guest Experience Agent: Full-Time Seasonal, Available 2024 Season starting early May

Property & Outdoor Area Maintenance: Full-Time Seasonal, Available 2024 Season starting mid-April

Evening Dining Room Assistant: Part-Time Casual Shifts available starting late mid-June

Find Details about each position below!



With our full-time Front Desk Agent no longer living in Trinity, we are looking to refill this position. We are looking for an individual who can work full-time for the 2024 season. Our goal is to find a member for our team who can start in this position and has a desire to develop their role within the business to take on more responsibilities of general operations. 

HOUSING OPTION: This position comes with the option of renting our staff house, located within a 10-minute walk of the business, for 6 months or year-round for a candidate looking to relocate full-time to the Bonavista Peninsula. 

Here is what Dale, our last Front Desk Agent said about her job: “I can actually say that the staff I worked with at the Artisan Inn was one of the best I have worked with ever. My job in the office was also a job like no other. I truly enjoyed it.” Feb 25, 2024

Tasks Associated With Front Desk / Guest Services

-Receive and process accommodation reservations in person, over the phone, via social media & email, and process through our online booking system.

-Assist guests upon arrival with check-in and area orientation.

-Receive and process dinner reservations in person, over the phone or via our online reservation system, and process through our online booking system. 

-Assist dining room staff with setting up the dining room, seating guests, and providing occasional drink service to guests when dining room servers are very busy. (typically as we switch between he early sitting to the late dinner sitting.)

-Create documents such as menus, schedules & forms. 

-Update information in our digital concierge service system. (Training provided)


-Research, compose and format information for social media posts, blogs and special projects. 

-Assist with organizing and carrying out small special events at the business.

Task-specific training for the majority of duties will be provided on the job. 

Job Requirements To Note

-Must have a vehicle and a valid driver’s license.

-must have a smartphone and be willing to install apps and learn to use apps our team uses for communication.

-Must have the ability to work on one’s feet , go up and down stairs often.  Must also be able to sit for long periods and work at a computer.

Practical details

-Pay will be discussed and determined based on the level of skill the successful applicant brings to the position. This position also receives a percentage of even dining room gratuities.  

-This position is predominantly scheduled between 12-8pm daily, 5 days a week. There is some flexibility in this which can be discussed if you are being considered for this position. Please include details in your cover letter regarding availability. The successful applicant must be comfortable driving in the dark during the months when it is dark before 8pm.  

-This is a seasonal position beginning in early-mid May and ends late October. 

-The successful applicant will be working on the second floor of the Twine Loft restaurant. Should an applicant have a food allergy that impacts their ability to work in this setting it should be disclosed during the interview process.

-We would love to hire someone who wishes to eventually take on more responsibility at the inn with regard to management duties.  If this is of interest to you, please let us know in your cover letter!

How to apply

Email: Please submit a resume to Marieke Gow  

Note Marieke will be out of the country until March 26 so all correspondence until then must be via email.

Email title: Front Desk Job Application

The following items are required:

-A resume with educational background, work history, and other details of interest. 

-2 references (you may wait until you have been interviewed and we have expressed interest in providing references) 

-A cover letter: Not only does the cover letter allow us to know more about you and why you would like to work in this position, but it also serves as a demonstration of your written communication skills. 



Start Date: April 2024
Why We are Hiring for This Position: We are looking for an individual to fill a position left vacant by Herb Stone who will no longer be living in Trinity.
About the Maintenance Team: We are a detail-oriented business, always anticipating the needs and desires of our guests. Our maintenance team plays a big role in ensuring we are putting our best foot forward and delivering an amazing experience. The individual who fills this position will interact with all Artisan Inn staff members throughout their day, but will work directly with Travis Hiscock, Mason Ballett and Jon Baggs (the inn’s maintenance manager who has trained in carpentry).

Tasks Associated With This Position

-Assist housekeeping staff with daily turnovers: cleaning of BBQs, removal of recyclables from properties and occasionally stripping beds on heavy turnover days.
-Assist restaurant staff with receiving deliveries and bringing food and wine from storage to the restaurant.
-Perform general maintenance throughout our 9 properties. (fixing minor plumbing and electrical issues that do not require an electrician, assembling furniture…)
-Work with the maintenance team to perform general upkeep of properties and occasional special projects (ex maintenance of fencing and exterior siding, assisting with carpentry projects, interior painting, general lawn care, and gardening)
-Interact with guests in a professional and friendly manner when assistance is required.

Preferred Qualifications / Experience / Job Requirements

-Has a valid driver’s license and access to a vehicle.
-Has a smartphone and is willing to install apps and learn to use apps our team uses for communication. (this is a strong preference versus a requirement)
-Has experience with building maintenance and the ability to assist on upgrade projects.
-Having knowledge about gardening or landscaping is not required but is highly valued. Should an applicant have experience and more interest in gardening and landscaping, the job can be more tailored to those tasks.
-Possess the ability to work in a team setting, but can also perform self-directed work without supervision once trained and instructed on a task.
-Demonstrate excellent organizational skills, communication skills, and problem-solving skills.

Additional Details

Hours: 40-50 hours per week, 5 sometimes 6 days per week. Schedules will be determined with your colleagues on the maintenance team. Our season is long enough to ensure staff have the opportunity to qualify for EI.
Pay: Pay is per hour and the rate will be determined based on the applicant’s skills and experience.

How to apply

Email: Please submit a resume to Marieke Gow  

Note Marieke will be out of the country until March 26 so all correspondence until then must be via email.

Email title: Property and Outdoor Area Maintenance

The following items are required:

-A resume with educational background, work history, and other details of interest. 

-2 references (you may wait until you have been interviewed and we have expressed interest in providing references) 

-A cover letter or details in your email that tell us about why you wish to work in this position. 


Start Date: June 2024
Why We Are Hiring for This Position:

We are looking for someone to assist in our dining room 1-2 days per week. This position is to be an extra set of hands for our principal service team so we can ensure our guests are getting the best service possible and busy periods do not become overwhelming for our team. We deliver the experience of a set menu 3-course meal with professional and attentive service, however, we aim to create a relaxed atmosphere for our guests. Our dining room staff (front and back-of-house) function together as a team. This position is perfect for someone who is energetic, loves working in a team setting, and enjoys meeting new people from all over the world.

Tasks Associated With This Position

-Setting up the dining room

-Stocking drinks and garnishes

-Drink service on the deck (beer, wine, and cocktails)

-Taking dining reservations from walk-ins

-Confirming allergies and dietary restrictions

-Handling payments

-Assisting cook with plating meals

-Assisting dishwasher with putting clean dishes away

On-the-job training for the majority of tasks is provided

Candidates willing to be trained on evening meal dinner service (in case an extra server is required should a staff member have an emergency and not be able to come to work) will be preferred.

Practical details

Pay will be discussed upon application. In addition to hourly wages, the position also includes a percentage of dining room gratuities.

This position is predominantly scheduled between 3:00pm or 4:00pm-8:30pm daily. The start time may be negotiable on certain dates. The majority of shifts will be between June through September with training happening in May.

Job Requirements

Unless living directly in Trinity, this staff member must have a vehicle and a valid driver’s license.

This staff member must be 19 years or older.

How to apply

Email: Please submit a resume to Marieke Gow  

Note Marieke will be out of the country until March 26 so all correspondence until then must be via email.

Email title: Dining Room Assistant Application

The following items are required:

-A resume with work history and other details of interest. 

-2 references (you may wait until you have been interviewed and we have expressed interest to provide rus with eferences, however, they will be required to be successful in receiving the position)

-A ahort cover letter: Not only does the cover letter allow us to know more about you and why you would like to work in this position, but it also serves as a demonstration of your written communication skills. 


Our team leads (general manager, head cook, head housekeeper, head office manager, head maintenance manager & head server) have received training in leadership management and communication from SHIFT People Development.  We cater to an affluent clientele who are detail-oriented and looking for genuine interactions and considerate service.  Guests often leave saying that watching our staff interact with each other makes our business stand out among others. For this reason, we hire just as much for attitude as we do for skill.   The restaurant and accommodations industry can be demanding and fast-paced. Our team members show up for each other ready to work and support each other in finding solutions when scheduling challenges arise due to special or unexpected life events. If you are applying for a position with our establishment please provide details in your cover letter that provide insight into how the position you are applying for will be a good fit with your interests and other commitments in your life.

Please find details below on the jobs we are advertising for.

Thank You,

Marieke (Pronounced Marie-kah) Gow
Pronouns She/Her

Are you wondering if you are a good fit for our team? Here are some skills & attitudes that impress us!



Takes responsibility for learning the skills and knowledge provided



Customer service-oriented


Works well under pressure

The ability to work quickly in a fast-paced environment

Positive Attitude

Willingness to lend a hand when a fellow colleague needs it



May 2022 Trinity Visitor Guide

Pack Ice in front of Artisan Inn
Marieke Gow Photography

 This should be used as a general guide, but always check current operating info with a business  prior to going. If you are a business that would like to be listed, or your status has changed since we last checked, please email


Trinity and Bonavista Bay are part of Iceberg Alley, a stretch of ocean that icebergs travel along throughout Spring and Early Summer. the Bonavista Peninsula often sees the arrival of icebergs early in the season with many being viewable from land, while others are better observed by one of the various boat tour operators in our area.  The largest concentration of icebergs typically arrives between May and June. No two iceberg seasons are the same.  Take comfort in knowing that if you come during a poor iceberg year you will still have plenty to do on the Bonavista Peninsula. The first icebergs arrived in our region mid April 2022!


Newfoundland Iceberg Reports is a crowd sourced Facebook page where Newfoundlanders and visitors can contribute iceberg reports and photos instantly.

Nature Focused Boat Tours

There are 2 boat tour operators in Trinity.  Their ability to go out during the month of May is based on ice, weather and a minimum number of people, although many are willing to do a full tour if 2 or 3 people are willing to pay the equivalent of 4 passengers, which is often their minimum.   Check out Sea of Whales Adventures and Trinity Eco Tours

Dine in Trinity

Our TWINE LOFT DINING ROOM  is recommended by Where to Eat in Canada and Lonely Planet and opens May 5th.  The restaurant is licensed to serve the public so one does not need to be a guest of the inn to make a reservation, however, during the first two weeks of May, if we don’t have guests of the Artisan Inn & Vacation Homes, we will only operate if a minimum of 6 people in general book (this could be from a combination of different reservations like a table of 2 and 4).   If you are the first person to request a reservation for a particular evening, we will contact you to confirm we are operating once others request a reservation on that night. The Twine Loft serves one evening sitting at 7pm during the month of May and is open for Breakfast from 8am-10am (by reservation). We do not operate for breakfast on mornings that we do not have guests at the inn.

Other places to eat in Trinity during the Month of May

Dock Marina restaurant typically open for the season on Mother’s Day weekend.  Please note they may not be operating every day of the week at the start of May.

Places To Eat On the Bonavista Peninsula

Two Whales Coffee Shop: Typically opens end of April for select days of the week

The Galley Restaurant: Will be operating in May, operating schedule to be determined.

Fisher’s Loft Dining: Opening some time in May by reservation

Fireside Dining Located in Seaport Inn Port Union: Open in May for daily service.

Bonavista Social Club: please be advised that Bonavista Social Club has decided to remain closed for the 2022 season while the owner and head chef Katie Hayes is out of the province.

If you are en route to Trinity we suggest stops at Bare Mountain Coffee House in Clarenville & Newfoundland Cider Company in Milton

Appreciate Craft Beer at Port Rexton Brewery

The Port Rexton Brewery is one of Newfoundland’s finest, award-winning microbreweries, located only a 10-minute drive from the Artisan Inn.  Please be advised that Taxi services are not available in the Trinity Bight area. You can also go to the brewery for Growler fill-ups and cans if you prefer to drink your craft beer back at your accommodations.  Please check their website and social media for the operating dates and times in May.  Oh My Cheese’s operates a grilled cheese service at the Brewery.

Shopping in Trinity

Mirabella Artisan Studio & Shop: Locally hand made jewelry this shop intends to open early May. Please visit their website for updates on hours and operating dates.

Aunt Sarah’s Chocolate (Also serving Sweet Rock Ice Cream)Located in Trinity. Typically opens end Victoria Day Weekend near end of May.  Online ordering is often possible before their season.

Art’s GalleryLocated in the same building as the Dock Marina, this large store carries Newfoundland books, jewelry, quilts, apparel, and other crafts. Typically opens first week of May.

Craft Shop at Lester Garland Building: Should be opening around the Victoria Day Weekend.

Green Family Forge: Forge will likely open to the public around Victoria Day Weekend. The items crafter by the blacksmith can be purchased at the shop.

Hike Discovery Self Guided Local Hikes

The shoulder season means you will be sharing the trails with fewer travellers.  Guests can spend multiple days hiking various trails ranging from 2 to 50 minutes away from the Artisan Inn.  For more details on the below trails, visit our HIKING SECTION.  

Skerwink Trail – Moderate to Difficult
5.3km Loop
Approximately 2 hours

Gun Hill Trail – Easy to Moderate
2km Lower Loop Trail, 1km Upper Trail
Approximately 1-2 hours for both

Fox Island Trail – Moderate
5.5km Loop
Approximately 2 hours

Murphy’s Cove Trail – Moderate
7.7km Loop
Approximately 3 hours

Cape Shore Trail – Easy
3.5 km One-way
Approximately 1 hour One-way

Lighthouse Trail – Easy
3.5km outside loop, 1.7km inside loop
Approximately 1.5 hours Outside Loop, 45 minutes Inside Loop

Klondike Trail – Easy
3.0 km One-way
Approximately 1 hour One-way


Places to Visit During Day Trips from Trinity

Detailed driving directions to these sites are outlined in the multi-day itinerary you will be provided upon check-in.

Dungeon Provincial Park – Discovery Unesco Geopark Site

Spillar’s Cove Sea Stack – Discovery Unesco Geopark Site

Tickle Cove Sea Arch – Discovery Unesco Geopark Site

Fort Point Lighthouse and Beach

Horsechops – English Harbour

Elliston Root Cellars Discovery Unesco Geopark Site

Sealer’s Memorial Statue in Elliston

John Cabot Statue in Bonavista

Bonavista Lighthouse

Port Union Fossils Discovery Unesco Geopark Site

Bonavista Biennale Exhibit in King’s Cove: Upside Down Trees

For information about the geological attractions listed above, visit our page


Take in the Architecture of Trinity

Walk the white-picket-fence lined streets of Trinity and take in the unique heritage architecture. Some homes in Trinity date back to the early 1800s.  The town was used as the backdrop for the film Maudie which won Best Picture at the Canada Screen Awards in 2018. There are plenty of rocky beaches, perfect for finding sea glass and interesting shells.

Visit our PHOTO TOUR OF TRINITY page to find out what you will see during a stroll around town.

Learn More about MOVIE SETS AND LOCATIONS in Trinity Bight

Relax At The Artisan Inn and take time to do nothing!

The Bonavista Peninsula is a stunning destination.  One of the most common complaints we hear from guests at check out is that they forgot to schedule the time to do nothing.   Even on days of cooler, or even wild weather, curling up with a book in one of our properties can do wonders for the soul.  We provide copies of The Grand Seduction, Maudie, Random Passage and The Shipping News to guests to watch in their rooms or vacation homes, as well as directions to many locations where these films were shot. If you love history and are disappointed to be missing some of the historic sites and museums, make history part of your experience by renting one of our homes or rooms, built in the 1800s (Gover House, Campbell House, Nathaniel House, Admiral’s Lookout).


The Arrival of Puffins in Elliston

Puffins typically arrive in the region mid May and are best view in Elliston.

Atlantic Puffins in Newfoundland
Puffins by Paul Dolk: To purchase this print visit Paul Dolk’s Website



Communities and Directions




Download Map of Trinity, Newfoundland

Trinity is located 1 hour from The Trans Canada Highway/Highway 1  once you take the exit for Route 230 (near the town of Clarenville)

Drivers have the option of driving directly from Highway 1 to route 230 or they can cut through the town of Clarenville taking Route 230A that eventually meets up with Route 230.  There is little difference in time between these two options, however, the second option is more scenic and more convenient if you plan to stop in Clarenville, which has larger grocery stores and a large NLC (Liquor Store) for supplies.

Drive 50.8km and along Route 230 and turn right onto Route 239

After 3km  you will see a large bay of blue and white buoys (this is a mussel farm)

There is a left-hand turn after this bay that leads into the historic town of Trinity.

Highlights: Shopping, Whale Watching Tours, 7 Historic Sites, Rising Tide Theatre, Dining, Gun Hill Trail, Guided Historical Walking Tour. Visit EXPLORE TRINITY to learn more.

For more details about getting to the Artisan Inn visit our GETTING HERE section.

The following communities located on Route 239, Route 230 and Route 235 are all easily accessible from Trinity ranging from 10 minutes to 50 minutes away.


New Bonaventure

A film set from the Grand Seduction Located in New Bonaventure

Approximately 25 minutes from the Artisan Inn

Take the sharp hairpin turn left at the Royal Bank to get onto Trinity Road. turn left onto route 239 at the T intersection (located by the mussel farm).  New Bonaventure is located at the end of this road, 15.8km from Trinity.

Highlights: Rugged Beauty Boat Tours, Random Passage, Grand Seduction and Shipping News film sets and locations.

Fort Point



Approximately 19 minutes from the Artisan Inn.

Take the sharp hairpin turn left at the Royal Bank to get onto Trinity Road. Drive for 1.9 Kilometers.  Turn left onto Main Road/Route 239 drive for 2.7km and turn left at Dunfield.  Continue driving for 4km.

Highlights: Fort Point Lighthouse and interpretation centre, whale spotting from land (during feeding months)


Port Rexton/Trinity East

Approximately 13 minutes from the Artisan Inn.

Take the sharp hairpin turn left at the Royal Bank to get onto Trinity Road. Turn right onto route 239 at the T intersection and drive 3.6km. Turn right onto route 230. Drive 4.5km (5 minutes) to arrive at Port Rexton.  At the bright yellow gas station, turn right onto Rocky Hill Road and drive for 1.9km (3 minutes) passing Bishop White School and the Fisher’s Loft Conference Centre turn off, to reach Trinity East and the start point of the Skerwink Trail. To get to the Port Rexton Brewery, turn left off Rocky Hill Road onto Station Road.

Highlights: Port Rexton Brewery, Skerwink Trail, 2 Whales Vegetarian Coffee Shop

English Harbour

Cliffs of English Harbour

Approximately 19 minutes from the Artisan Inn.

Take the sharp hairpin turn left at the Royal Bank to get onto Trinity Road. Turn right onto route 239 at the T intersection and drive 3.6km. Turn right onto route 230. Drive 5.9 Kilometers and turn right at the English Harbour Sign.  Drive 4.9 more kilometers.  Continue through English Harbour to the Horse Chops for a great whale watching spot in season, however, visitors should be advised that the road becomes a dirt road and visitors should park their car and continue by foot if they do not feel that their vehicle can handle the terrain.  

Highlights: English Harbour Arts Centre, Horsechops (a coastal area great for viewing whales during feeding season)

Champney’s West

Approximately 18 minutes from the Artisan Inn

Take the sharp hairpin turn left at the Royal Bank to get onto Trinity Road. Turn right onto route 239 at the T intersection and drive 3.6km. Turn right onto route 230. Drive past Port Rexton, Passing the Two Whales Coffee Shop and take the next right to Champney’s West. You will reach a fork in the road and stay to the right. This drive from the 239/230 turn off is 7.2km.

Highlights: Fox Island Hiking Trail, Champney’s West Aquarium

Port Union


Approximately 30 minutes from the Artisan Inn

Take the sharp hairpin turn left at the Royal Bank to get onto Trinity Road. Turn right onto route 239 at the T intersection and drive 3.6km. Turn right onto route 230. Continue driving for 27.9km (approximately 25 minutes)

Highlights: Murphy’s Cove Lodges Pond Trail, The Factory Historic Site, The Bungalow Historic Site, Discovery UNESCO Geopark site.

Elliston & Maberly

Atlantic Puffins
Puffins by Paul Dolk: To purchase this print visit Paul Dolk’s Website

Approximately 45 minutes from the Artisan Inn.

Directions from Route 230: 
Take the sharp hairpin turn left at the Royal Bank to get onto Trinity Road. Turn right onto route 239 at the T intersection and drive 3.6km. Turn right onto route 230.
Drive for 39.7km until you reach the 238 turn-off on your right. Drive 6.3km to reach Elliston. Once in Elliston, The Sealer’s Memorial Statue is located on Main Road, to reach Bird Island, take Sandy Cove Road.  Continue Elliston municipal park and Bird Island to reach Maberly.

Alternative Directions from Bonavista
Directions from Bonavista/Spillar’s Cove: Staying on the main road, you will reach an intersection with signage for Spillar’s Cove. Turn right. this road is the northern section of route 238.  Drive past the Bonavista water tower (keeping it to your right) and past the two cemeteries opposite one another.  Reach Crewe’s Garage, located on a fork in the road.  Take the right arm of the fork. You should see a small sign for Route 238. Drive 7.1km (roughly 10 minutes) to reach Elliston and Maberly.

Highlights: Home From the Sea Sealers Museum, Sealer’s Memorial Statue, Puffin Viewing Site, Root Cellar Capital of the World


Approximately 45 minutes from the Artisan Inn.

Take the sharp hairpin turn left at the Royal Bank to get onto Trinity Road. Turn right onto route 239 at the T intersection and drive 3.6km. Turn right onto route 230. Drive for (40 minutes) until you enter the town of Bonavista.

Highlights: Ryan Premises National Historic Site, The Matthew, Cape Bonavista Lighthouse, Shopping, Cape Shore Hiking Trail, The Dungeon

Spillars Cove

Approximately 49 minutes from Trinity

Take the sharp hairpin turn left at the Royal Bank to get onto Trinity Road. Turn right onto route 239 at the T intersection and drive 3.6km. Turn right onto route 230. Drive for (40 minutes) until you enter the town of Bonavista.

Staying on the main road, you will reach an intersection with signage for Spillar’s Cove. Turn right. this road is the northern section of route 238.  Drive past the Bonavista water tower (keeping it to your right) and past the two cemeteries opposite one another.

Reach Crewe’s Garage, located on a fork in the road and continue driving straight (turning right will take you to Elliston). Drive 2.4km past Crewe’s Garage to arrive in Spillar’s Cove.

Please park your vehicle where the pavement ends and do not attempt to drive on the dirt road.  This will contribute to the erosion of a geologically significant area of our peninsula and makes it difficult for hikers to proceed safely.

Highlights: Spillar’s Cove Sea Stacks.  Tuckamore Discoveries Walking Tours

Route 235 Communities

The Bonavista Peninsula is a loop with Route 235 serving as the opposite side of the loop to Route 230.  One can either visit the communities on the way to Bonavista or on the way back from Bonavista.  These directions are assuming you are visiting these communities on the way to Bonavista.   We recommend you AVOID ROUTE 236.  This is a dirt road and can be unfriendly to your rental vehicle.

Open Hall, Red Cliff, Tickle Cove

Approximately 40 minutes from Trinity

Take the sharp hairpin turn left at the Royal Bank to get onto Trinity Road. Turn right onto route 239 at the T intersection and drive 3.6km. Turn left onto Route 230 at the T intersection. Drive 25.3 km (21 minutes) to the Route 235 turn off and turn right.  Drive 25.3 km (25 minutes) to reach the left turn to Open Hall (a few minutes past Plate Cove East).

To reach Red Cliff continue driving 2.4km (3 minutes)

To reach Tickle Cove continue driving 2.5km (5 minutes): The turn off in Tickle Cve to get to the sea Arch is a right hand turn just prior to the community slipway for boats. If you pass the slipway you have gone too far.

Highlights: Tickle Cove Sea Arch, Paul Dolk Photography Studio, Filming areas for Grand Seduction

King’s Cove, Duntara & Keels

Approximately 45 minutes from the Artisan Inn

Rocky Terrain with houses and ocean

Take the sharp hairpin turn left at the Royal Bank to get onto Trinity Road. Turn right onto route 239 at the T intersection and drive 3.6km. Turn Left onto Route 230 at the T intersection. Drive 26km (21 minutes) to the Route 235 turn off and turn right.  Drive 31.6km (28 minutes) until you reach King’s Cove.

If you wish to visit Duntara, turn left at King’s Cove and Drive 5.2km (7 minutes).

If you wish to visit Keels turn left at King’s Cove and drive 8.5km (14 minutes).

Highlights: Lighthouse Hiking Trail in King’s Cove, Devil’s Foot Prints in Keels, Two Rooms Contemporary Art Gallery in Duntara.

Upper Amherst Cove

A whale waves from the water in Upper Amherst Cove

Approximately 45 minutes from the Artisan Inn.

If you are continuing your drive from communities along Route 235, continue driving 18km (18 minutes) north to Upper Amherst Cove.

If you only want to visit Upper Amherst Cove and not the other communities along Rotue 235 follow the below directions.

Take the sharp hairpin turn left at the Royal Bank to get onto Trinity Road. Turn right onto route 239 at the T intersection and drive 3.6km. Turn right onto route 230. Drive 30.4km (24 minutes) to Catalina and turn right onto Route 237.

Drive 11km (12 minutes) along Route 237.  At the end of the road turn right.  Drive 1.8km north (2 minutes)  and turn left into Upper Amherst Cove.

Highlight: The Bonavista Social Club

Geological Wonders

High rocky cliffs in Newfoundland
Marieke Gow Photography

This list is a selection of stunning locations you may wish to visit as you travel throughout the area.  For more details and other suggested locations, consider downloading the Bonavista Geological Tour app.


ROUTE 230         

Skerwink Trail near Trinity, Newfoundland
Marieke Gow Photography                                                                                                       


10 Minutes from Trinity

Skerwink Trail Sea Stacks

Located shortly after Skerwink trail turns from the old railway bed to the cut out coastal trail, the sea stacks can be viewed early in the walk and still enjoyed by those who do not wish to walk the entire trail.   


Dungeon Provincial Park Bonavista
Marieke Gow Photography


45 Minutes from Trinity

The Dungeon Provincial Park                                                                             

Visit the park to stand above a collapsed sea cave with natural archways as the rough ocean waves crash in and flow out of the cave.  There are many horses and cows grazing in this area.   


25 Minutes from Trinity


Head to the Factory Historic Building in Port Union.  In front of the building is a boardwalk with a set of steps leading down to rocks and water.  During low tide, you can walk out to see various fossils embedded in the rocks.

CBC: N.L. fossil shows earliest evidence ever of animals with muscles



Elliston Root Cellar, Newfoundland
Marieke Gow Photography


55 Minutes from Trinity

Root Cellars

Built from the naturally occurring rocks in the area and dug out from the hillsides, Root Cellars have put Elliston on the world map as the “Root Cellar Capital of the World.” Root cellars look somewhat like hobbit holes and various styles can be found in the area.  We recommend driving past the puffin viewing site in Elliston onto Circular Rd in Maberly to view the best selection.  

Large Sandy Beach in Elliston
Marieke Gow Photography

Elliston Beach

The only Sandy Beach on the Bonavista Peninsula is located on the way to the Puffin Viewing Site.


49 Minutes from Trinity

Sea Stack

This area is a hidden gem.  Just a few minutes by foot from the road, or accessible from the south by the Klondike Trail, Spillar’s Cove offers a landscape, largely barren of trees, with dramatic cliffs and an impressive sea stack.



40 Minutes from Trinity

The Sea Arch

This area of the Bonavista Peninsula is predominantly formed from slate.  The cliffs jutting out of the ocean are pinkish purple rather than the grey you see in most areas on Eastern Newfoundland. The sea arch is located off a small road just before the community boat slipway. People often miss it.  Our advice is when you overshoot it and find yourself at the end of a road looking at a rock painted like a quilt is laid upon it, turn around, see the slipway and you will notice a narrow road past it heading right.  Following this road. You should see a small sign that says “Sea Arch”.  We recommend walking past the viewing platform to the top of the cliffs for a great view.


60 Minutes from Trinity

The Devil's Footprints

The Devil’s footprints

In Keels, take a look at a geological phenomenon known as “The Devil’s Footprints”, pockets in the rocks, which, according to local folklore, are proof that the Devil walks this land at night. Keels itself is a beautiful community to stroll around and indulge one’s passion for photography.  


45 Minutes from Trinity

Multi-coloured cliffs of King's Cove
Marieke Gow Photography

Brooks Point

This stunning cliff is located on the Lighthouse Trail in King’s Cove.  It is an easy grade walk and you can access this lookout point after 25 minutes or so of walking.



Bonavista Peninsula Activities

Humpback Whale
Paul Dolk Photography: This photo can be purchased from Paul’s Website

There are many places to visit on the island of Newfoundland, however, few places have the density and diversity of experiences that Trinity Bight and the Bonavista Peninsula offers. Trinity is ideally situated for exploring surrounding communities for half-day and full day trips including Port Rexton, Port Union, Elliston, Bonavista, New Bonaventure, Upper Amherst Cove and more. Use this section to plan your trips and activities while staying in one of the Artisan Inn’s rooms or vacation homes in Trinity.

Performing and Fine Arts


The Bonavista Peninsula is a place where music, theatre and art are sewn into the fabric of our being.  Here are just a few options for where to take in quality art or experience musical or theatrical performances on the Bonavista Peninsula.  Many businesses and not-for-profits announce artistic events throughout the summer season.  If you are interested in what is going on be sure to ask us when you register. 


Photo courtesy of Rising Tide Theatre

There is so much to be said about Rising Tide Theatre located in Trinity that we have created its own page under our Explore Trinity.  2018 marks the 40th year anniversary of the Theatre Company. Its director, Donna Butt, has received the order of Canada for her contribution to the arts in Canada.

Visit our Rising Tide Page to learn about 






Come experience the exceptional beauty and incredible acoustics of St. Paul’s.

Admission: By donation, to be used for maintenance of the church

Upcoming Concert Dates: Wednesday July 7 – 7:00pm – The Scallywags (bluegrass, country / NFLD)

Wednesday July 31st – 7:00pm – Maureen and Friends: A Celebration of Newfoundland Music

Sunday August 4th – 7:30pm – The Ennis Sisters



Art Exhibit at the Twine Loft

The Twine Loft uses its walls to exhibit original Newfoundland art and a majority of the pieces are for sale.  If you are not a guest of the inn or dining with us, you are welcome to come look at the art between 10am and 5:30pm when meal services are not taking place.

View our Art Exhibits page under our Restaurant section to learn more about featured artists.


10 Minutes from Trinity


The Two Whales Coffee Shop doubles as a vegetarian restaurant and gallery space, featuring multiple exhibits, often of Newfoundland artists, throughout their operating season. They also host musical performances multiple times a month.  To find out which artists are being featured or concert schedules, visit their website.

Two Whales Website


The Fisher’s Loft Conference centre often hosts art exhibits in the main conference room. On occasional evenings throughout the summer authors host book readings.

Fisher’s Loft Website



19 minutes from Trinity

English Harbour Arts Centre


The English Harbour Arts Centre is a not-for-profit charitable organization dedicated to the promotion of artistic and cultural education and the preservation of historic and cultural spaces. They are committed to operating an economically self-sustaining institution for the arts that provides learning opportunities for people of all ages and levels of artistic experience. Their multidisciplinary program includes art holidays, workshops, residencies, community outreach, special projects and public events. The English Harbour Arts Centre hosts various performances by some of Newfoundland’s most celebrated musicians including The Once, The Fortunate Ones, Matthew Byrne, The Ennis Sisters and many more.  

Additional Links

English Harbour Arts Centre Website



30 Minutes from Trinity


Art Gallery, Workshops, Screening Room, Artist Residencies, Community Events

Union House Arts (UHA) is a new community artspace operated through the Sir William F. Coaker Heritage Foundation. UHA is committed to supporting work being produced by artists and craftspeople in Newfoundland and Labrador through place-specific dialogues and collaborative programming in Port Union.

Summer hours are 11-5 Thursday – Monday, until the Biennale starts August 17th. Then the schedule changes to 10am-5pm daily.

Union House Arts Website


45 minutes from Trinity

looking out from the stage of the Garrick Theatre. A mic in the centre of the stage, red chairs and the lights are up.


The  Garrick  is  a  multi-use,  200-seat  theatre  and  meeting  space  in  the  Town  of Bonavista.  Owned and  operated  by  the  Bonavista  Historic  Townscape  Foundation, this  year-round  cultural  facility offers comfortable  theatre  seating,  state-of-the-art sound   and   lighting   equipment   including   full   digital cinema,   and   exceptional acoustics.  At The Garrick you can find the best in performing arts and film.

Additional Links

The Garrick Theatre


For more information on Artisan Craft visit our page


For directions to these locations visit




Puffin Viewing

Atlantic Puffins
Puffins by Paul Dolk: To purchase this print, visit Paul Dolks Website

The Bonavista Peninsula is one of the few places in North America where you can get up close to a puffin colony, without having to get on a boat, although, you can do that too if you wish.  


Bird Island is one of the best places to view Puffins from land in Newfoundland. It’s location is accessible free of cost, but we encourage our visitors to contribute a small amount to the donation box as there is some infrastructure and upkeep required for the site and area.  

Puffin Viewing Donation Box

When you arrive at the Puffin site, there is a 5-minute walk from the road to the cliff that faces the island where to Puffins nest. Depending on the time of the day, their mood and the size of the crowd, the puffins may fly to your side of the cliffs.  

Elliston has become very popular with visitors.  If you would like to experience the puffins in a less crowded environment, we suggest taking a tour with Tuckamore Discovery Tours, or ask the Artisan Inn Staff when you check in where some other, more locally known, spots to view puffins are.

For directions to Elliston from Trinity please visit our page

Communities and Directions

Additional Links

Video: Candice Does Newfoundland: Elliston Puffins and Roots Cellars

Downhome Article about Tuckamore Discoveries Puffin Tours

Matador Network: Elliston Puffins

Information about puffins from Canadian Geographic:

The Atlantic Puffin is a pigeon-sized sea bird, the smallest species of puffin. Their black head, back and wings contrast sharply with their white underside, while their blue, orange and yellow beaks and bright orange feet give them a splash of colour.  

Puffins are poor fliers and evolution has not yet helped them to develop a graceful landing strategy.  While not as useful in the air, their wings make them excellent underwater swimmers.

Puffins live for the majority of the year at sea, but come to land to breed and burrow on the Bonavista Peninsula between late May and late August. Puffins normally keep the same mate and burrow from year to year and, on average, live for up to 20 years.

An Atlantic Puffin flies over Bird Island in Elliston
Puffins by Paul Dolk: To purchase this print, visit Paul Dolk’s Website

Whale and Iceberg Tours


Trinity Bay and Bonavista Bay serve as nature’s playground during the Spring and Summer months in Newfoundland.  

Twenty-two species of whales, dolphins, and porpoises swim the waters along the coastline of Newfoundland and Labrador during the months of May to August. The Bonavista Peninsula is a perfect location to see and appreciate these magnificent creatures of the sea.  

Some species spotted in Trinity Bay and Bonavista Bay include: Humpback Whales, Sperm Whales, Minke Whales, Pothead Whales and Killer Whales (Orcas).  White-sided dolphins and Bluefin Tuna are frequently spotted during the Fall.  

Boat tours also provide the opportunity to see the many majestic icebergs floating past Trinity during Spring and early Summer.  The prime time to see icebergs is between late May and late June.

Finally, the Peninsula’s unique geological features offer an added bonus on every trip.

A whale shows off during a tour with Sea of Whales Adventures
Marieke Gow Photography

Those who come to visit during the month of June and early July are sometimes lucky enough to spot icebergs, whales and various sea birds, including: the Atlantic Puffin and Bald Eagles all at once!

To see daily records of whale sightings in our area CLICK HERE.  

The two communities that offer boat tours with the focus of seeing wildlife are Trinity and Bonavista.


Three boat tours are located within walking distance of the Artisan Inn

A group of people wearing flotation safety suits sit in a zodiac operated by Sea of Whales adventures
Photo Taken on Sea of Whale Adventure Tours. The #1 boat tour on trip advisor for the town of Trinity

Sea of Whales Adventure  

Vessel Type: Zodiac
Phone: 1-709-464-2200
Address: 1 Ash’s Lane
Walking Distance from the Twine Loft: 2 minutes     


Atlantic Adventures                                                                                                                                  

Vessel Type: Trawller sailer
Phone: 1-709-464-2133
Address: 1 Dock Lane
Walking distance from the Twine Loft: 6 minutes                                           

Trinity Eco Tours   

Vessel Type: Zodiac
Phone: 1-709-464-3712
Address: 1 Stoneman’s Lane
Walking distance from the Twine Loft: 4 minutes


A boat tour returning at sunset to a flock of puffins

Discovery Sea Adventures

Vessel Type: Fast Rescue Craft
Phone: 1-709-470-0322
Address: Roper Street, Bonavista NL
Located in the parking lot of the Matthew Legacy site

Bonavista Puffin and Whale Tours

Vessel Type: Larger vessel type with indoor and outdoor seating and a washroom on board
Phone: 1-709-468-8438
Address: 15 Roper Street, Bonavista NL
Located in the parking lot of the Matthew Legacy site.

Places to Whale Watch From Land in Trinity Bight

While boat tours offer a first class whale watching experience, getting you up close and personal with wildlife, not everyone has the greatest sea legs.  We can never guarantee a whale sighting, however, we can tell you where the locals often go to watch Humpbacks feeding once they have arrived for the season.  Our staff receive updates from local boat tours and summer residents when pods are feeding close to shore in certain area’s.  We do our best to communicate anything exciting that we are aware of when we register guests at the inn or during morning breakfast.

Fort Point Lighthouse and Beach

Watch for humpback whales on the beach of Fort Point, Trinity

We recommend getting a lunch to go from Trinity Mercantile Coffee Shop and heading to Fort Point Lighthouse for a picnic.  Whales are often seen feeding during the month of July just off the point’s beach.

Driving Distance from Trinity: 19 Minutes

English Harbour / Horse Chops

Cliffs of English Harbour
Located 19 minutes from the Artisan Inn

This is the area many locals go to watch whales from the cliffs. The beach in English Harbour is also a popular spot to watch the capelin when they start to roll.  locals are often seen here with buckets to harvest the small silver fish for a meal.

Driving Distance from Trinity: 19 Minutes

Skerwink Trail, Trinity East/Port Rexton

Skerwink Trail
Marieke Gow Photography

Whales often feed below the cliffs, offering hikers a bird’s eye view.  One cannot drive up to these spots, but instead, must hike the outer trail for the best vantage points.

Driving distance from Trinity: 13 minutes

Please note that whales are wild animals and their feeding times and locations can never be guaranteed.

Find Driving Directions to all communities mentioned


Historic Sites



We have an entire page dedicated to the historic sites of Trinity, all within walking distance of Artisan Inn accommodations.  Sites include:

The Lester Garland Building
The Hiscock House
The Green Family Forge
The Ryan Shop
The Trinity Museum
The Court House/Wooden Boat Museum
The Cooperage
St. Paul’s Church and the Holy Trinity Church

Visit our page HISTORIC SITES IN TRINITY to learn more.


A laundry line is hung with clothing from the 19th century with a square green house in the background

Random Passage Site   

Ok, this is not a historic site, but instead, a movie set from the mini-series Random Passage.  It does, however, offer visitors the chance to understand the struggle many of the first Newfoundland settlers faced when they arrived on this barren isolated land from England and Ireland and what early settlements would have looked liked including the church, schoolhouse, and the disparity between the houses of the well-off and those who struggled to survive the winter.

Additional Links

Random Passage on Eastlink’s Discover NL


Port Union Museum

Port Union National Historic District

Port Union is the only union-built town in North America. Construction began on the shores of Trinity Bay, Newfoundland, in 1916. Within five years, a busy and modern union town bordered the protected deep-water harbour-all made possible through the hard work and vision of the members of the Fishermen’s Protective Union (the FPU) and their first leader, William Ford Coaker.

To learn more about the Union Town, visit the Factory and The Bungalow

Additional Links

Trip Advisor Reviews


Home from the sea, Sealer’s Memorial Museum

The great sealing disasters of 1914 contributed greatly to the loss of a generation soon to be devastated by World War I. In remembering these men, Home from The Sea presents the historical and cultural context of sealing in Newfoundland and Labrador through seven captivating visitor experiences.  Learn more by visiting the linked website.

Sealer’s Memorial Statue

Situated on Porter’s Point, facing the sea and looking back toward home, rests the bronze statue of father and son Reuben and Albert John Crewe, residents of Elliston who perished out on the ice in the 1914 SS Newfoundland sealing disaster. Created by acclaimed sculptor Morgan MacDonald, it sits as a poignant reminder not only of great loss but of the remarkable ties that bind families together in places where going to work and coming Home from the Sea is never a guarantee. It stands to represent all sealers who have risked and lost their lives in their efforts to support their families and communities. Learn more by visiting the linked website.


The Ryan Premises

A salty scent lingers within the cluster of white, 19th century clapboard buildings of the Ryan Premises, perched on the shore of Bonavista’s historic and picturesque harbour. Hear the reminiscences of the site’s interpreters, most of whom have a personal connection to the fishing industry; marvel at the variety of artifacts in the on-site Bonavista Museum; and explore the internationally-recognized “Cod, Seals and Survivors” exhibition that tells the 500-year story of Canada’s east coast fishery.

Matthew Legacy Centre

500 years after John Cabot first arrived in Newfoundland, both Bristol and Newfoundland marked the monumental event by recreating the voyage in 1997. A replica of Cabot’s ship, The Matthew, sailed across the Atlantic and landed at Bonavista’s shores and was greeted by hundreds of on-lookers, including Queen Elizabeth II.  The Matthew Legacy Centre was built to house the ship and visitors can tour the boat and learn more about Cabot.

Additional Links:

Video: A Voyage Across the Atlantic on a Replica of The Matthew – History Channel

Bonavista Lighthouse

Cape Bonavista Lighthouse was constructed in 1843 and is currently restored to the 1870s period. The highlight of the lighthouse is an original catoptric light mechanism that dates to 1816. An adjacent interpretation centre features exhibits on lighthouse technology and lightkeepers’ lives.

Additional notes: Some of the site summaries are copied directly from the websites of those sites and are not the original content of the Artisan Inn and Twine Loft.