Photo Tour of Trinity

Wondering what you will see on a stroll through Trinity?

Couple checks map for directions in Trinity
Sara Monika Photography


This is the scene that welcomes you when you arrive in Trinity. The below scene has appeared in publications around the world including The New York Times and USA Today. It is one of the most coveted shots on a trip through Newfoundland.  The houses in the picture below include the Artisan Inn’s Twine Loft, Barbour House, Gover House, Cove Cottage, Campbell House and Nathaniel House. Visit our getting here section for directions to Trinity if this is a must have shot for you.


View of Artisan Inn and Vacation Homes in Trinity Newfoundland
Photographer: Marieke Gow

Visit in the Summer when the wildflowers are in full bloom.

Late October in Trinity Newfoundland
Photographer: Marieke Gow

Taken in Late October when the light in Trinity has a more golden touch and the dogberries are at their best. Read our September and October Guide if you plan to stay during the Fall.

Pack Ice in front of Artisan Inn
Photographer: Marieke Gow

Visit during the Spring months of May or June to watch for ice. Read our May and June Guide to plan your trip at this time.


Trinity Newfoundland by Sara Monika

View of Trinity from Gun Hill Trail.

Photographer: Marieke Gow

View of Trinity Harbour from Sweet Rock Ice Cream. Learn about Sweet Rock and other local shops in our Shop Artisan Crafts and Eats Section.

Photographer: Marieke Gow

View overlooking Gun Hill, Trinity and Fisher Cove from Sweet Rock Ice Cream.


a two-story white salt box house and wooden deck sit in front of a calm cove while a pink sunset reflects in the water.
Photographer: Marieke Gow

View of sunset from Artisan Inn’s Campbell House.  Gover House is the vacation Home featured in the shot.

Photographer: Marieke Gow

View of Sunset from Gover House Vacation Home deck.

a boat in the sunset
Photographer: Marieke Gow

Sunset over Trinity’s Fisher Cove.

Sunset in Trinity
Photographer: Marieke Gow

View of sunset from Cambell House overlooking Gover House and Fisher Cove.


To learn about what activities are possible during May and June in Trinity and around the Bonavista Peninsula, read our May and June Guide.

Waterside deck Trinity
Photographer: Marieke Gow

During certain years pack ice makes its way into Trinity Harbour and Fisher Cove. This shot is taken from the second floor of the Twine Loft.

wooden deck chairs on a large wooden deck overlook Trinity Harbour which is full of chunks of sea ice. The cliffs of Skerwink hide behind the fog in the distance
Photographer: Marieke Gow

View of Trinity Harbour from the deck of Admiral’s Lookout Vacation Home.

Icebergs in front of a deck
Photographer: Marieke Gow

Even on the mauzy days there are breathtaking scenes all around. This was the Twine Loft deck in early June

Bergy Bit in Trinity Harbour
Photographer: Marieke Gow

A small piece of iceberg floats in Trinity Harbour on a sunny May morning.

Photographer: Marieke Gow

A late arriving iceberg grounded itself outside Trinity Harbour for weeks in 2014.


Twine Loft Trinity Newfoundland
Photographer: Marieke Gow

Daisies and honeysuckles line streets and hillsides of Trinity.

Lupins in Trinity
Photographer: Marieke Gow

Lupins bloom in Mid-July.

Photographer: Marieke Gow

Lilacs and Lupins welcome guests to Cove Cottage Vacation Home

Photographer: Marieke Gow


Sun Rising over Trinitys 2 churches
Photographer: Marieke Gow

This shot was taken during a May morning next to Nathaniel House Vacation Home.

Sunrise over Trinity, Newfoundland
Photographer: Marieke Gow

Taken from behind Artisan Inn’s Campbell House, the building where Fisher Cove Room and Fort Point Room are located.


Photographer: Marieke Gow

Learn about St. Paul’s church in our Historic Sites sections

Aunt Sarah's Choloate lit up for Trinity's Fall Festival
Kathy Stacey Photography

Aunt Sarah’s Chocolate is one of many businesses to convert Trinity’s historic buildings into a shopping experience.

Photographer: Marieke Gow

Salt Box Houses line the streets of Trinity

Photographer: Sara Monika

Trinity Harbour is where Trinity’s various whale watching tours depart from. This shot was taken from the deck of Admiral’s Lookout.

Traditional Architecture in Trinity
Photographer: Marieke Gow

Admiral’s Lookout and Grant’s Stage are both registered heritage structures.

Gover House is a saltbox house built in 1840
Photographer: Marieke Gow

White picket fences are found all over Trinity. This one leads to the beach in front of Gover House.

a large woodpile in Trinity
Photographer: Marieke Gow

Despite electric heating being available many residents prefer to heat their homes with a wood stove.

Photographer Mark Colbert

Artisan Inn’s Campbell House is an 1840s registered heritage structure.  It was the orginial building that the Artisan Inn’s owner Tineke Gow started her buisness with in 1992.  Learn about the history of the Artisan Inn.

Fall leaves in Trinity
Photographer: Marieke Gow

Fall Colours and picket fences.  Read our September and October Guide to find out what can be done at this time of the year.

Blacksmith working at the forge
Photographer: Marieke Gow

The town of Trinity has two certified blacksmiths working in the town’s historic Green Family Forge.


Photographer: Marieke Gow

Despite living with modern amenities many residents prefer drying their laundry on the line.


Gun Hill Trail can be walked during any season. Late August and September offer of delicious berries and then their leaves turn a fiery red.  Walk along the water, through the woods or stand at the top of the world.

A hand full of blueberries
Photographer: Sara Monika
Photographer: Sara Monika / Hop Scotch the Globe

A fine spot for berry picking during late August and September.

Red blueberry bushes
Photographer: Marieke Gow

October Colours on the trail.

A wooden staircase leading through the woods
Photographer: Marieke Gow

Escape everything and walk through the woods.

Photographer: Marieke Gow

Reward yourself with a stunning view from the top.


We are not open November through April, but why not let you enjoy the pictures?

Woodpile covered in snow
Photographer: Marieke Gow

A woodpile sits in front of Trinity Harbour.

Rising Tide Theatre Trinity
Photographer: Marieke Gow

Ryan Shop, Rising Tide Theatre and the Cooperage.

Winter in Trinity Artisan Inn Buildings
Photographer: Marieke Gow

Artisan Inn after a snowstorm.

A house with picket fence after the snow
Photographer: Marieke Gow

Trinity Architecture pops in the Winter weather.


Photo Credits:
Photos featured on this page were taken by Mark Colbert, Sara Monika and Marieke Gow.  If someone wishes to download one of these photos for use on a website, blog, other social media or print materials they must first contact Marieke Gow to seek permission.