Deposit and Cancellation Policies

!COVID-19 Notice! Special policies regarding inter-provincial non-essential travel shutdowns included at the bottom of the page.

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Our Policy Regarding Deposits and Cancellations

We understand that some life events are unpredictable and will do our best to work with you should you need to cancel.  Please understand that Trinity is an extremely popular area with a limited number of accommodations and a limited operating season. We turn away thousands of people from our accommodations each year and cancellations that cannot be refilled can cause impactful losses for our business. We advise all guests to purchase appropriate travel medical insurance and trip cancellation/interruption insurance so that neither party is at a financial loss over a cancelled reservation. It is the guest’s responsibility to find out if the insurance they are purchasing will cover cancellation situations resulting from Covid-19.  Please read below our standard policy for special details on how shut downs may impact your deposit.


1-4 Nights – First Night Stay (based on property/rooms regular season base rate) plus tax
5+ Nights 25% of Total stay plus tax

Through our online booking system we can only set one deposit amount and cannot apply dynamic pricing based on season or length of stay. When using the system you will be charged the deposit amount for the regular season base rate + tax. If you are booking for 5 nights or longer we will apply a second charge to your card with the remainder of the deposit required to reach the amount of 25% of the booked stay. 

  • By 10pm Newfoundland time the day after they were made will be fully refunded unless the reservation was made within 8days of the first booked date.
  • More than 30 days prior to the first reserved date* will be refunded minus a $25 plus tax administration fee for bookings of 1-4 nights and 10% + tax for bookings of 5+ nights. Guests can also choose to receive a gift certificate in their name worth 100% of the deposit***.
  • 30 Days to 9 Days prior to first reserved date* the deposit is non-refundable. Shortening a stay during this period also counts as cancelling dates and the deposit will be applied to the cancelled night(s), unless we are able to rebook the cancelled night(s).** If you would like to check with us after the date of the booked stay to see if we were able to rebook it, we can discuss issuing a refund. **
    See below for details on how shutdowns impact this policy****
  • 8 Days Prior to the first reserved date* the remaining balance of the reservation will be charged to the card on file and is non-refundable unless we can rebook the reserved dates**
    See below for details on how shutdowns impact this policy****

*The first reserved date begins at 12:00am on the date reserved.
**  If you cancel and receive a partial refund, but we are able to rebook the entirety of your cancelled stay, we may decide to provide a refund or a  gift certificate for the amount recouped by re-booking, but the amount is at our discretion based on the circumstances of the cancellation and the work it takes to rebook.

Should you opt to take the 100% gift certificate (instead of a refund to your card minus the cancellation fee) for a cancellation not related to a border shutdown or non-essential travel ban, but determine later you cannot use it, you may request to cancel the certificate and receive a partial refund. The refunded amount will be calculated based on how far in advance the booking was cancelled. Example: you cancel your 3 night stay 50 days prior to your reservation and take the gift certificate worth 100% of the deposit in your name. A year later you decide you won’t be able to use it and request a refund OR ask for the name on the certificate to be adjusted and transferred to someone else. The gift certificate will be refunded to your credit card or digitally transferred to another individual MINUS the cancellation fee of $25 plus tax, the fee for cancelling more than 45 days prior to the booking in this case.

****GIFT CERTIFICATES ISSUED FOR TRAVEL SHUT DOWN TO NEWFOUNDLAND: If you have booked a stay within the dates and parameters of the NL reopening plan and a travel shut down is announced the non-refundable portion of your deposit can be issued as a gift certificate. If you would like a monetary refund you can contact us after the dates you had reserved and if we were able to rebook the entire stay we can exchange the issued gift certificate for a monetary refund minus a processing fee to cover credit card charges. Should a travel shut down announced be announced within 8 days of your trip prevent you from travelling to Newfoundland any amount of the reservation that we are able to rebook will be refunded to your credit card or issued as a gift certificate. Travelers should have appropriate insurance in place to claim the non-refundable portion of the booking.

Conditions: If a travel ban to Newfoundland is re-announced and the Artisan Inn advises you to cancel, you may still decide to hold onto your reservation, but our regular cancellation policy will apply and gift certificates will not be offered as an option. 

****GIFT CERTIFICATES ISSUED INTER-PROVINCIAL NON-ESSENTIAL TRAVEL SHUT DOWN: We understand that if you are travelling within your own province you likely do not have travel insurance to cover cancellations. Should a non-essential travel ban be imposed for your reserved visiting time, the Artisan Inn will issue a gift certificate for the deposited amount. If you are within 8 days of the booking when a non-essential travel ban is ordered and have paid in full, the Artisan Inn will issue a non-expiring gift certificate for the original deposit amount and refund the remaining amount to your card.  Please understand our reason for not guaranteeing a full monetary refund (versus gift certificate for the initial deposit) is that we cannot predict what our financial responsibilities to our suppliers and staff will be in the situation of another shut down.