Information for Media

Information for Travel-focused Media

As one of the pioneers of tourism on the Bonavista Peninsula and one of the longest continuous running tourism operators in the region, journalists and media influencers have often turned to Tineke and Marieke Gow of the Artisan Inn as a source of in-depth information of the history of our area, the experiences on offer and perspectives and opinions regarding the area’s journey from a fishing / boat building village to one of Newfoundland’s strongest tourism draws.  Our unique product and history have contributed to stories featured in publications such as the New York Times, National Geographic and Enroute Magazine. The image of the Artisan Inn’s colourful buildings lining the shore of Trinity has become one of the most iconic photos of Rural Newfoundland to circulate the world.  

If we cannot provide the information or angle required for your piece, we often know who can, and will assist as a liaison between the two when possible.

Information for News Media

Marieke is heavily involved in various tourism focused organizations. She is the past chair of Legendary Coasts of Eastern Newfoundland which focuses on destination development of the Eastern Region of Newfoundland and served on the Provincial Tourism board for 4 years, a body responsible for the implementation of the provincial tourism strategy Uncommon Potential.  She has often been asked to represent the tourism sector for media outlets focusing stories on destination development, rural tourism, tourism trends and millennials in tourism.  In recent years, she has participated in interviews with Rogers, Eastlink, VOCM and CBC to discuss the state of tourism.  Her heavy involvement in the tourism industry means that if she cannot provide the answers or perspective a media outlet is looking for, she can put you in contact with someone who can.

Who we work with

Legendary Coasts Logo

We most often host journalists who are working with our Destination Management Organization Legendary Coasts of Eastern Newfoundland and our Provincial Tourism Department.  In these cases, the DMO covers most of or all travel, accommodation, activities and meal costs for media.  If you are a media influencer or journalist interested in doing a story on our area or about our business, we encourage you to contact Andrew Hiscock to see if you qualify for assistance from the media program.

Andrew Hiscock
Tourism Development Officer
Office: 709-595-3021
Cell: 709-725-1687

Requests for accommodations and services in exchange for media promotion

From time to time the Artisan Inn and Twine Loft will receive requests for free accommodations or services in exchange for media coverage.  While we primarily focus on working with media who can cover their costs directly or with the provincial media program, if you are a professional travel writer or travel influencer that has not qualified for the Legendary Coasts media program and feels that their work will be beneficial to our area, please contact Marieke Gow, the inn’s manager, via with an introduction and the information requested below.   

Question 1:

What form of media do you focus on?
photography, writing, video…

Question 2:

Where will the work you produce from your experience with us appear?
Do you work with particular publications?  Will this appear on your own website or blog? If you are a freelancer, what publications are you planning to pitch your work to?

Question 3:

Please describe your social media channel: blog, instagram, facebook, snapchat, twitter or describe the reach of the outlet that will be sharing your work. We would appreciate knowing the following:
Is there a particular theme to the work you produce and share?
Who is your key audience and why do you feel they would consider taking a trip to our destination or style of establishment?

Question 4:

Please provide a sample of previous work and explain where it appeared and what type of reach and interaction it received.

Should we agree to host a media person at our expense:

Once we have discussed what you wish to do, a short custom contract will be drawn up outlining the expectations of both parties.

The inn will require credit card information to hold the room. Should the outlined content not be delivered by the date agreed upon by both parties in the contract, the provided credit card may be charged for the full amount of services if a satisfactory follow up to the original contract is not provided by the media person. Please note that cancelling the visit within 2 weeks of the booked stay will count as not delivering on the contracted services and the accommodations will be charged to the provided credit card unless the room is rebooked.

Please direct your media queries to

Marieke Gow
Manager, Artisan Inn and Twine Loft

Art Exhibits

Artwork is displayed on wooden walls adjacent to a window in a dining room

The Artisan Inn exhibits the original artwork of various artists and the public are welcome to view and purchase these pieces.


Kathleen Knowling

Kathleen was born in St. John’s, where she still resides. The Newfoundland land and seascapes never fail to inspire her.

“I love to paint. I love to look at paintings. I love to talk about painting. To me it is a delight to sit on a rock and try to translate the scene before me and my emotions about it into two dimensions.

Paints themselves, fat tubes of delicious colour that promise a masterpiece, brushes and pencils, paper and canvas, call me and invite me to buy. A visit to an art supply store is hazardous to my credit card. I always come away with something.

The very act of painting itself inspires me. The application of thick, juicy paint to canvas or the splash of brilliant watercolour onto white paper exhilarates me. Their excitement never fails.

Sylvia Bendza
Photo sourced from St. Michael’s Print Shop

Sylvia Bendzsa

Sylvia Bendzsa is a St. John’s painter and printmaker. Active in the arts since early in life she has contributed strongly to the arts organizations and St. Michael’s Printshop. She likes to divide her art practice between etching, printmaking, printing on canvas and watercolours. She has had many solo and group exhibitions and her work is collected widely.

Also Represented by

Red Ochre Gallery, St. John’s

Devon House Craft Shop, St. John’s

Hollander York Gallery, Toronto

Paul Dolk

Paul Dolk

“Paul Dolk’s work is his stretch. He reaches out with a mindful heart and captures the breadth and width of a single moment. And with each extension of his lens, the air is stilled, illuminating the graceful power of a whale or the relentless intent of an eagle. That these moments depict the relationship between himself, wildlife and the sea is clear and inseparable. As when the sea drapes over the nose of a surfacing orca, each one describes the other.“Some photographers take reality… and impose the domination of their own thought and spirit. Others come before reality more tenderly and a photograph to them is an instrument of love and revelation” -Ansel Adams-

Paul Dolk’s photographs embody his spirit of devotion towards the natural world of Newfoundland, the thrill of the photographer’s process and a heart that is oceans wide and deep. Framing the fluid nature of a whale’s descension or extension into the sky, the images are stretched beyond the normal and proper limits of our expectations”

Paul’s studio is located in Open Hall on Route 235. Once in Open Hall, pass the Church and take the second gravel road on your left. The studio features a mural with a large Sperm Whale painting.  See the COMMUNITIES AND DIRECTIONS page for directions to Open Hall.


Who we cater to

The Twine Loft primarily caters to guests of the Artisan Inn, both rooms and vacation homes, for breakfast service, however, we are licensed to serve the public and will do so on days we are operating for our guests.  We request that you notify us in advance if you wish to join us for breakfast so that we can staff appropriately and ensure a table and staff will be available when you arrive.  

Operating hours: The Twine Loft can seat guests for arrival times between 8am and 9:30am. While we do accept walk ins, once the last reservation has finished the Twine Loft shuts down for breakfast even if it is prior to 9:30am.

The Twine Loft will shut down for the season on October 24th 2021 and re-open in May

Note Regarding Reservations: The Twine Loft will not confirm reservations made by off site guests on days when we do not have our own guests in-house (from a room or vacation home) coming for breakfast.  You may be put on a list to be contacted should we pick up more reservations and decide to proceed with breakfast on your desired date.


Bacon, Eggs & Toast $10
Gluten Free Bread Available

Partridgeberry Pancakes $9

French Toast $9

Berry Breakfast Smoothie Bowl – $9.5

Blended frozen banana, mixed berries, ground flax seed & almond milk topped with gluten free house-made granola and chocolate nibs.

Hot Oatmeal $4.5

Add Almonds, Apples, or 

Dried Cranberries for $1 per selection

Add Raisins for 50 cents

The Continental   $8
Choice of muffin or tea bun
with butter and house made jam, yogurt & granola
If you are leaving early you can order this the day prior as a packed breakfast


Side of Toast $2.25 per slice complimentary house made jam

Bacon $1 per slice

Eggs $2 per egg

Muffin or Tea Bun $2.75 / with House Made Jam $3.75

Yogurt & Granola (Gluten Free) $5



Coffee $2

Tea $2
(orange pekoe, mint, lemon thriller, chamomile, blueberry, earl grey, green)
Orange Juice $2.5


Call 1-709-464-3377 Email

Puffin Viewing

Atlantic Puffins
Puffins by Paul Dolk: To purchase this print, visit Paul Dolks Website

The Bonavista Peninsula is one of the few places in North America where you can get up close to a puffin colony, without having to get on a boat, although, you can do that too if you wish.  


Bird Island is one of the best places to view Puffins from land in Newfoundland. It’s location is accessible free of cost, but we encourage our visitors to contribute a small amount to the donation box as there is some infrastructure and upkeep required for the site and area.  

Puffin Viewing Donation Box

When you arrive at the Puffin site, there is a 5-minute walk from the road to the cliff that faces the island where to Puffins nest. Depending on the time of the day, their mood and the size of the crowd, the puffins may fly to your side of the cliffs.  

Elliston has become very popular with visitors.  If you would like to experience the puffins in a less crowded environment, we suggest taking a tour with Tuckamore Discovery Tours, or ask the Artisan Inn Staff when you check in where some other, more locally known, spots to view puffins are.

For directions to Elliston from Trinity please visit our page

Communities and Directions

Additional Links

Video: Candice Does Newfoundland: Elliston Puffins and Roots Cellars

Downhome Article about Tuckamore Discoveries Puffin Tours

Matador Network: Elliston Puffins

Information about puffins from Canadian Geographic:

The Atlantic Puffin is a pigeon-sized sea bird, the smallest species of puffin. Their black head, back and wings contrast sharply with their white underside, while their blue, orange and yellow beaks and bright orange feet give them a splash of colour.  

Puffins are poor fliers and evolution has not yet helped them to develop a graceful landing strategy.  While not as useful in the air, their wings make them excellent underwater swimmers.

Puffins live for the majority of the year at sea, but come to land to breed and burrow on the Bonavista Peninsula between late May and late August. Puffins normally keep the same mate and burrow from year to year and, on average, live for up to 20 years.

An Atlantic Puffin flies over Bird Island in Elliston
Puffins by Paul Dolk: To purchase this print, visit Paul Dolk’s Website

Contact Us

The Artisan Inn welcomes guests between the months of May and November (end of season October 31st).  During these months, the Twine Loft serves as the main office.  During the closed season, reservations can still be made by calling, emailing or requesting a booking through our online system.  We encourage anyone with questions about a potential stay at the inn to contact us directly.

We look forward to your visit,

Tineke & Marieke Gow

Artisan Inn & Twine Loft Dining Reservations

57 High St.
Trinity, Trinity Bay, NL
A0C 2S0, Canada

Email us at

Phone/Fax: 1.709.464.3377




Vacation Homes

Find Your Home Away From Home in Trinity.

Experience the hospitality of an inn with the privacy of a home. Artisan Inn Vacation Homes, all located within walking distance of our main building, the Twine Loft, provide guests with private spaces and self-catering facilities while also receiving the attentive customer service the Artisan Inn is known for.

Sorry! Our vacation homes are not pet friendly.

Notes on Rates

To find the rate that applies to your desired stay, go to BOOK NOW and enter your dates into the calendar, select the property of interest and enter the number of guests.

-When can one get the best deals of the season? – May & October
-When is the highest rate advertised typically charged? Early/Mid July – Mid/Late August
-When does length of stay impact the rate?

During May & October enjoy our best rates for any stay 2 nights or longer.
One night stays are sometimes permitted, however a rate higher than what is advertised on the booking system will be applied.
Early/mid July – Mid/Late August bookings of 5 nights or longer have discounts applied.
During other times of the season discount rates apply for stays 4 nights or longer.

Rooms and Suites

Find The Perfect Room for Your Perfect Stay

Artisan Inn & Vacation Homes was established in 1991 as a 2 bedroom heritage B&B called Campbell House. Over a span of 30 years the business has grown to include rooms in Barbour House ( Trinity Room, Cove View Room and Studio Suite) the Twine Loft restaurant and 7 vacation homes all within historic Trinity. The name Artisan Inn was given to include all aspects of the business under one name.

In addition to the rooms and suites in Barbour House, the Campbell House is now rented as a private suite including 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms living area, patio & coffee station. While Campbell House is a private home, we list it as a suite because it does not have a kitchen with oven or stove top.

Click on profiles of our rooms and suite below for details and pictures of each space. Visit our BOOK NOW section and select ROOMS & SUITES to see availability for each space.

Planning a small to medium sized group tour to Trinity? Contact us to find out what combination of rooms or vacation homes will work best for your group’s needs.

Notes on Rates

To find the rate that applies to your desired stay, go to BOOK NOW and enter your dates into the calendar, select the property of interest and enter the number of guests.

-When can one get the best deals of the season? – May & October
-When is the highest rate advertised typically charged? Early/Mid July – Mid/Late August
-When does length of stay impact the rate?

During May & October enjoy our best rates for any stay 2 nights or longer.
One night stays are sometimes permitted, however a rate higher than what is advertised on the booking system will be applied.
Early/mid July – Mid/Late August bookings of 5 nights or longer have discounts applied.
During other times of the season discount rates apply for stays 4 nights or longer.

About Artisan Inn

Traditional houses of Trinity Newfoundland
Some of the multiple buildings that fall under the Artisan Inn umbrella

The Artisan Inn is not confined to a single designated building, but instead occupies a collection of buildings woven into the fabric of the historic Town of Trinity.  A New York Times article once credited Tineke as a pioneer in the concept of the Diffused Hotel. To the extent that they wish to do so, this allows guests to interact with other travelers and to integrate into the community. Solitude in a beautiful natural setting is also an option.

John and Tineke Gow

John and Tineke Gow

How did this come about? John and Tineke Gow first visited the town approximately 40 years ago. They purchased one of the oldest houses in Trinity, noted for its architectural style, featuring pierced-eve dormer windows. Because the town did not have street addresses by which homes could be identified, the Gow’s called it Gover House after the family of the previous owner. It had been unoccupied for several years, so time was of the essence to save the structure. Gover House received the first Scouthcott Award given for a restoration in Trinity.

Gover House after the first round of renovations in the late 1980s by John and Tineke Gow

The Gow’s later purchased an adjacent property. The building also required extensive renovation, but a friend informed them that they now owned 2 of the 5 oldest houses in the community and that it was also of historic value. With the help of talented local carpenters, renovations were completed and Campbell House, named for the navigational teacher who once lived there, was designated as a Registered Heritage Structure. Campbell House became one of the town’s first B&Bs when Tineke opened the doors to visitors in 1992.

In 1997 Tineke purchased a nearby waterfront property that had, at one time, been owned by Captain Stanley Barbour, a close relative of the Barbour family of Newtown, NL. The newly acquired property is designated the Barbour premises.

At the time, dining options were limited in the area and many of Tineke’s guests were seeking opportunities to enjoy casual fine-dining, featuring local flavours.  In 2000, Tineke restored Captain Barbour’s waterfront fishing room, once used to repair and store nets, and called it the Twine Loft restaurant. She wished to offer simple, yet well-prepared, setmenu, 3 course-meals served in a licensed establishment. This required changing from the B&B status to that of an Inn. The name Artisan Inn was chosen to represent all aspects of the business.

Photo Credit Sara Monika

From the moment Tineke began welcoming visitors to the area, various guests also became enamoured with the community and purchased homes for summer retreats.  Some only used their houses for a few weeks of the year and approached Tineke to manage them as vacation homes.  This began Tineke’s Vacation Home management program which today includes 6 additional homes. These homes are located within the historic center of Trinity and each has an excellent salt-water view. All are within a ten-minute walk of the Twine Loft restaurant where meals, drink service, itinerary planning and socializing happens.

Watch the video: Artisan Inn Trinity By Explore Canada 

Learn more about the HISTORY OF TRINITY HARBOUR in our Explore Trinity section.

If you are a member of the press looking to write or produce a story in our area, please visit our INFORMATION FOR MEDIA page.



Our Restaurant

Experience the Twine Loft

Operating in 2023 Thursday May 4th- October 16th (end date may extend to October 24) 

Join us for a multi-course evening meal by candlelight on the water’s edge in Trinity. The Twine Loft is recommended by Where to Eat in Canada and is one of the top restaurants on the Bonavista Peninsula.  The evening dining experience includes a 3-course meal. Beverages and gratuities are not included. Price for 2022 season is $65 plus tax.

See below for sitting times.