Art Exhibits

Artwork is displayed on wooden walls adjacent to a window in a dining room

The Artisan Inn exhibits the original artwork of various artists and the public are welcome to view and purchase these pieces.


Kathleen Knowling

Kathleen was born in St. John’s, where she still resides. The Newfoundland land and seascapes never fail to inspire her.

“I love to paint. I love to look at paintings. I love to talk about painting. To me it is a delight to sit on a rock and try to translate the scene before me and my emotions about it into two dimensions.

Paints themselves, fat tubes of delicious colour that promise a masterpiece, brushes and pencils, paper and canvas, call me and invite me to buy. A visit to an art supply store is hazardous to my credit card. I always come away with something.

The very act of painting itself inspires me. The application of thick, juicy paint to canvas or the splash of brilliant watercolour onto white paper exhilarates me. Their excitement never fails.

Sylvia Bendza
Photo sourced from St. Michael’s Print Shop

Sylvia Bendzsa

Sylvia Bendzsa is a St. John’s painter and printmaker. Active in the arts since early in life she has contributed strongly to the arts organizations and St. Michael’s Printshop. She likes to divide her art practice between etching, printmaking, printing on canvas and watercolours. She has had many solo and group exhibitions and her work is collected widely.

Also Represented by

Red Ochre Gallery, St. John’s

Devon House Craft Shop, St. John’s

Hollander York Gallery, Toronto

Paul Dolk

Paul Dolk

“Paul Dolk’s work is his stretch. He reaches out with a mindful heart and captures the breadth and width of a single moment. And with each extension of his lens, the air is stilled, illuminating the graceful power of a whale or the relentless intent of an eagle. That these moments depict the relationship between himself, wildlife and the sea is clear and inseparable. As when the sea drapes over the nose of a surfacing orca, each one describes the other.“Some photographers take reality… and impose the domination of their own thought and spirit. Others come before reality more tenderly and a photograph to them is an instrument of love and revelation” -Ansel Adams-

Paul Dolk’s photographs embody his spirit of devotion towards the natural world of Newfoundland, the thrill of the photographer’s process and a heart that is oceans wide and deep. Framing the fluid nature of a whale’s descension or extension into the sky, the images are stretched beyond the normal and proper limits of our expectations”

Paul’s studio is located in Open Hall on Route 235. Once in Open Hall, pass the Church and take the second gravel road on your left. The studio features a mural with a large Sperm Whale painting.  See the COMMUNITIES AND DIRECTIONS page for directions to Open Hall.

About Twine Loft


 For information on dining please visit our main restaurant page.


Twine Loft Dining
Photo Credit: Sara Monika

Meal Services 2023

The Twine Loft will operate Between May 4th 2023 – Late October 2023

Breakfast: The Twine Loft is open from 8:00am to 10:00am (last seating time available is 9:30am).  If you are not a guest of the inn or you are staying in one of our vacation homes you may still join us for breakfast, however, you must reserve your table ahead of time or call before arriving to guarantee a table will be available for you. We prioritize guests of our own prioritize guests of our own proproteins before we accept additional outside reservations.  

Lunch: Please be advised that the Twine Loft does not serve lunch or any food between breakfast service and dinner service, with the exception of the option of beer snacks should you be joining us for a drink on the deck.

Price & Sitting Times: The Twine Loft serves a set menu evening meal at set sitting times. 2023 price:  approximately $65 plus tax. Beverages and gratuity not included. 

During the months of June, July, August to September 22nd sitting times will be at 5:15 and 8pm.

September 23rd – September 30th: Sitting times will be 5:15 & 7:45

October. There is one sitting time at 7pm. Some special dates may have two sittings if there is an event happening in Trinity. 

Reservations Required:
Dining is by reservation, however, we can sometimes take last-minute reservations, so please do not hesitate to contact us.  

Drinks on the Deck

The Twine Loft is one of the most beautiful places to relax outside with a drink.  One does not need to be staying or dining with us to drop in for drinks on the deck during the afternoon.  Our times of operating for the public will be advertised on our social media and on our website closer to the date.  Only guests with dinner reservations may have drinks on the deck within half an hour of dinner service.  Typically drinks on the deck is from 3-5pm June to September.


Artisan Inn Guest Services

Guests may register for their Artisan Inn room or vacation home between 11:00am and 7:00pm. Check-in for accommodations is officially at 4:00pm, however, our staff are available to provide you with a town orientation and accommodations information if you arrive earlier and if your room or house is ready we will check you in as soon as possible.  If you plan to arrive after 7:00pm please notify us ahead of time so we can make appropriate arrangements.




Evening Dining


Information regarding the following can be found in order on this page

General Information & Price
Sample menus
Making a reservation
Catering to dietary restrictions
Minimum age of guests

General information regarding evening dining

The Twine Loft serves as the dining room for the Artisan Inn, however, we are licensed to serve the public and accept reservations for those not staying at the inn.  Our restaurant is recommended by Where to Eat in Canada and is a recipient of the Newfoundland and Labrador Restaurateur of the Year Award.  We categorize ourselves as a “casual-fine dining” experience. Our meals are meant to deliver the same satisfied feeling of having a home cooked meal while on the road, highlighted by local flavors, served in a uniquely Newfoundland atmosphere with professional and friendly service that is both attentive and relaxed at the same time.

Price: A 3-course evening meal is approx. $60 plus tax in 2022. Our pricing may vary by a few dollars throughout the season and is based on the cost of ingredients, whether that cost is from employing a gardener to grow our greens and herbs, purchasing from specific local food harvesters or covering the fuel and human resource costs involved in making trips that are sometimes up to 6 hours to procure ingredients.  We also believe in ensuring our staff a livable wage deserving of someone who dedicates themselves to taking care of those who travel to our small corner of the Canada.

Dining Times: May  7:00pm ,June through September 22 5:15 & 8pm, September 23rd-30th 5:15 & 7:45pm, October 7:00pm.

Notes about shoulder season operations:
Please note that during the shoulder season of early May and late October, we operate only on nights when we have either a minimum of 6 guests reserved for that evening. ex if a table of 4 then a table 2 requested evening dinner by 12pm that day, we would operate, we do not require each group to be six people. If you want to dine with us in the shoulder season and do not wish to rely on others to book, we recommend booking a room or vacation home through us.  Stay and Dine packages are also available for certain properties.


The Meal: Because of our small kitchen size, we have decided to focus on a small, but well-prepared menu each night. Guests are served a three-course meal with a choice between 2 appetizers, 2 main courses (usually a meat or fish option), and a dessert. 3 course Vegan, Vegetarian, Celiac and Lactose-free menus can be arranged in advance. Please see the section below regarding dietary restrictions. All guests must pre-select their main course option the morning of the reservation and will be sent their choices the evening prior by email.

Roasted potatoes, cod and asparagus


Please note this may not be your option on the day of your meal


Choice of Cod Chowder or Warmed Spinach and Bacon Salad with Maple Dijon Dressing 

Main Course

Quidi Vidi Honey Brown Beer Braised Lamb Shank served with Roasted Root Vegetables and Caramelized Onion Mashed Potatoes


Fresh Local Cod en Papillote served with Sautéed Asparagus and Roasted Lemon Potatoes


Blueberry Lemon Torte 


Other sample menus: Please note we can only confirm our menu for a certain night by the day prior. When booking you will have the opportunity to let us know if there are any principal proteins you won’t eat to help us plan then menu for that evening.


Catering to your dietary needs

We understand that set menu dining can sometimes be difficult for clients with special diets or allergies.  We can typically make modifications to our set menus to accommodate most allergies and can inform guests if certain menu items will not be possible. Because we require our guests to identify any allergies when they book and to contact us the morning of their reservation to pre-select their main course, we are able to have a discussion in advance so that when guests arrive for dinner they can relax and enjoy the experience.  

We do request that when discussing dietary concerns guests clearly identify between a severe dislike, an intolerance and an allergy.  Guests will have the opportunity to provide this information on our online booking form that accompanies dinner reservations made online.  We also ask that guests use terms accurately. We have experienced a high level of guests identifying themselves as gluten free or vegan who then at dinner request items that their diet does not allow. This causes a lot of confusion for staff and can harm those who actually follow such diets. 

Gluten Free

With many traveler having a sensitivity to gluten we have decided to design a number of our menu items to not have gluten including the majority of our main course meals and our soups.  As one of our bakers is gluten intolerant herself, a number of our desserts have gluten free variations available.

Vegetarian & Vegan Menus

Due to tourism volumes being higher than years pre-pandemic, we are finding it more of a challenge to accommodate those following a strict vegan diet and provide the variety of choices guests may desire.  We operate out of a small kitchen with one cook, limited storage space and only two ovens to serve 26 guests per seating, additionally, we are often making meals with modifications for various allergies. Finding the space and the time to produce a separate 3-course meal that does not include any animal products is more challenging now that we are operating at full capacity most nights.  We are able to offer more selection for vegetarians than vegans. If you follow a vegan diet and wish to dine with us, please contact us so we may discuss if what we are able to offer meets your expectations, tastes and is of interest to you for the price point. Please note that because we have limited seating capacity and a short operating season, we do not reduce our price point for our two-hour dining experience for guests wanting alternative menus to our nightly fish and meat dishes. When booking guests can include details on their diet, if you practice a vegan diet, but are not 100% strict and are ok with certain exceptions (ex the use of butter) the information is extremely helpful to so we can best accommodate you. 


Example of a 3 course Vegan Menu at the Twine Loft

Please note this may not be your option on the day of your meal


Carrot Orange Soup

Main Course

Lentil Ragout on a Bed of Rice


Wild Berry Sorbet


Making a Reservation:

Guests can contact the Twine Loft at 1-709-464-3377 to make a dinner reservation request or email You may also use our online booking system to request a reservation.

When emailing please include

1. The primary date you are interested in reserving
and if there are additional dates you would be interested in if we cannot accommodate you for your first choice.

2. Number of people in your party
If you are hoping to book a private reservation for one bubbled group please contact us with as much detail as possible.

3. Dietary restrictions

The Twine Loft is a set menu restaurant and a number of our courses are slow-cooked and prepped throughout the day. Last-minute notifications of dietary restrictions cannot always be accommodated. Please be specific when providing details regarding allergies during the booking process.

If you inform us that you or someone in your party does not eat a specific ingredient let us know if it is because of an allergy or if it is a personal preference.

If someone requires a gluten-free option, please specify if it is because they have Celiac Disease, a strong sensitivity or if gluten is something that is avoided, but eaten sometimes.

If someone in your party is lactose or dairy intolerant/sensitive, please specify if dairy can or cannot be baked into dishes. Specify if the intolerance includes butter as this is an ingredient used in a number of our dishes.

If someone in your party is vegan or vegetarian please use the correct terminology for their diet since vegan and vegetarian meals are prepared differently.

Confirming a request

The Twine Loft will require a minimum of 6 guests to operate on a given evening.  Exceptions may be made for guests staying in Artisan Inn properties.

Once a request is confirmed, a credit card number will be required to hold the reservation. There is a $25 cancellation fee per guest for a reservation cancelled within 22 hours of the reserved dining time and the full meal price is charged when a cancellation is made within 2 hours of the dinner.

sample reservation waiver

A seat at the Twine Loft will range between $60 and $65 plus tax per person.  This means that even if 2 guests request to split a meal, or someone wants to opt-out of a course the price for each seat will remain at full price.


Dinner will be served both upstairs and downstairs to maximize the number of people we can safely serve in a night.  Please indicate if someone in the party has mobility concerns and must be seated downstairs.

Like other years, requests for window tables will not be taken.  Accommodating this request for everyone is simply not possible and depending on the table size it could impact our ability to give parties proper distancing from each other.  During these challenging times please respect our staff’s decision on where to seat people and understand that a number of factors are being taken into consideration when deciding this.

Dining with Minors at the Twine Loft:

During the months we offer two sittings all guests under the age of 19 must dine at the 5:15 sitting.  This is because we hold a lounge license so we may serve drinks on the deck, such a license prohibits those under 19 from being in the restaurant after 8:30pm.

We recommend that children are 10 or older to dine in the Twine Loft. Exception may be made if the child or children in your party:

Eat from the regular offered menu at the advertised dining price:
Why we have this policy: Our kitchen is run from 2 household stoves and in one sitting we often need to accommodate gluten free, dairy free vegan and vegetarian special menus in addition to our regular choices. Regretfully we do not have the space to offer special children’s menus in addition to that.   We recognize that children do not eat as much food as adults, however, we have very limited capacity and very low turn over in a night which is why we operate at a set rate. Offering meals for a reduced price under these conditions impacts our abilities to operate as a business.

Remain seated at the table for the duration of the dinner and be able to express themselves at a volume appropriate for an intimate setting. Children may not leave the table between courses to play outside unsupervised and must use headphones if they are using any form of technology with audio at the table or on the deck.
Why we have this policy: Allowing this is the past has unfortunately led to damage of property such as our gardens and the disruption of the experience of other guests on the premises. Please also note that all guests are served their courses at the same time, so requesting to have the delivery of courses delayed or sped up in order to accommodate children needing a supervised break outdoors or requesting food quicker is not possible.  


The first floor of the Twine Loft (the dining room) is wheelchair accessible. We have 1 wheelchair accessible washroom and the waterside deck is wheelchair accessible as well. If you or someone in your party uses a wheelchair, scooter or walker, please inform us in advance and we will arrange for the closest parking spot possible.  

Because our property uses gravel to allow for drainage from higher tides and heavy rain, we recommend guests with wheeled mobility aids take advantage of our closer parking spots for more direct access to the ramp. The ramp is located to the right of the driveway therefore, we recommend the guest requiring the ramp enter and exit their vehicle on the right hand side.   

Should you or someone you are travelling with have a disability, do not hesitate to discuss ways we can better serve you when you make your reservation, or when you are on the premises.  It is our goal to provide the best dining experience to everyone we serve and continuously educate ourselves on best practices. 



Who we cater to

The Twine Loft primarily caters to guests of the Artisan Inn, both rooms and vacation homes, for breakfast service, however, we are licensed to serve the public and will do so on days we are operating for our guests.  We request that you notify us in advance if you wish to join us for breakfast so that we can staff appropriately and ensure a table and staff will be available when you arrive.  

Operating hours: The Twine Loft can seat guests for arrival times between 8am and 9:30am. While we do accept walk ins, once the last reservation has finished the Twine Loft shuts down for breakfast even if it is prior to 9:30am.

The Twine Loft will shut down for the season on October 24th 2021 and re-open in May

Note Regarding Reservations: The Twine Loft will not confirm reservations made by off site guests on days when we do not have our own guests in-house (from a room or vacation home) coming for breakfast.  You may be put on a list to be contacted should we pick up more reservations and decide to proceed with breakfast on your desired date.


Bacon, Eggs & Toast $10
Gluten Free Bread Available

Partridgeberry Pancakes $9

French Toast $9

Berry Breakfast Smoothie Bowl – $9.5

Blended frozen banana, mixed berries, ground flax seed & almond milk topped with gluten free house-made granola and chocolate nibs.

Hot Oatmeal $4.5

Add Almonds, Apples, or 

Dried Cranberries for $1 per selection

Add Raisins for 50 cents

The Continental   $8
Choice of muffin or tea bun
with butter and house made jam, yogurt & granola
If you are leaving early you can order this the day prior as a packed breakfast


Side of Toast $2.25 per slice complimentary house made jam

Bacon $1 per slice

Eggs $2 per egg

Muffin or Tea Bun $2.75 / with House Made Jam $3.75

Yogurt & Granola (Gluten Free) $5



Coffee $2

Tea $2
(orange pekoe, mint, lemon thriller, chamomile, blueberry, earl grey, green)
Orange Juice $2.5


Call 1-709-464-3377 Email

Drinks on the Deck


June – September Drinks on the deck begins at 3:00pm

The deck opens for drink service and will be open to the public until at least 5:00pm. On days we have extra staff, the deck will remain open for extended hours until 8:00pm. Please check our sign board or call ahead to find out if the deck will be open for extended hours as this is staff and weather dependent.

Meal service is not offered on the deck.

(Please note that the deck is always open for guests with 8pm dinner reservations wanting to come for pre dinner drinks, even if it is not open to the general public.) 

May & September Drinks on the deck begins at 5:00pm

The deck opens for drink service and will be open to the public until at least 7:00pm. On days we have extra staff, the deck will remain open for extended hours until 9:00pm. Please check our sign board or call ahead to find out if the deck will be open for extended hours as this is staff and weather dependent.

Meal service is not offered on the deck.

(Please note that the deck is always open for guests with 8pm dinner reservations wanting to come for pre dinner drinks, even if it is not open to the general public.) 





Wine & Drink


The Twine Loft offers one of the best selections of wines and scotches on the peninsula.  The Restaurant is one of only a few in the province to have a full time certified sommelier on staff available to consult with diners at their table in order to help with their selections.

For dinner reservations:

call 709 464 3377 or email the Twine Loft.

About the Sommelier

Marieke Gow, the daughter of owners John and Tineke Gow is not only the Inn’s manager but is also the Twine Loft restaurant’s sommelier.  She became passionate about wine as an undergrad studying in St. Pierre.  Following graduation from Memorial (BA) her passion became her career path when she was accepted into Algonquin College’s Sommelier Program in 2008.  The Algonquin Sommelier Program is an internationally-recognized program whose graduates include nationally celebrated wine writer Natalie Mclean as well as Stacey Metulynsky, host of the Food Network’s show “This Food That Wine”.

During her studies Marieke was one of a few chosen for an internship at Divino Wine Studio in Ottawa’s Little Italy.  Antonio Mauriello, recently named “Wine Person of the Year” by the National Capital Sommelier Guild, personally trained Marieke during a 3 month program. After the internship she became the establishment’s sommelier and stayed on until graduating from the Sommelier Program with honours in 2009.

Since graduating Marieke has returned to Newfoundland and the family business as one of the province’s most highly trained sommeliers.

Her philosophy regarding her work is simple, create a list that works with the menu, pleases any type of palate and offer excellent choices no matter how much one wishes to spend or drink.  Marieke can be found in the dining room on most nights, so don’t be shy to ask for her advice when you see her even if the only thing you know about wine is what you like and what you don’t!

During the six months the Inn is closed (Nov 1-May 1) Marieke takes time to visit and study wine regions of the world. During the winter of 2010-11 she visited the many great Canadian vineyards in Niagara, ON as well as wineries in New York State and Australia.

The Wine List

The list has been designed to offer a wide variety of wines from regions worldwide with bottle prices ranging from $28 to $295.  White, red, rose, sparkling and dessert wines make their way onto the well considered list.

6 wines (3 whites and 3 reds) are available by the glass, each selected with the Twine Loft’s delicious menu items in mind.  Smaller 350ml bottles of quality wines such as Bordeaux, premium Australian wines and sparkling wines such as Henkle Trochen and Veuve Cliquot are also found in our cellar, perfect for sharing between couples.

Unlike many other provinces in Canada, restaurants in Newfoundland may not re-cork unfinished wine bottles and allow diners to leave with them. However, our sommelier believes that one should enjoy their wine to the last drop while still consuming responsibly. As a result, a unique practice has been developed for couples and parties who wish to enjoy a wine only available by the bottle, but are unable to finish it.  Guests may ask their server to hold and properly store their bottle for 24 hours so that they may return to enjoy it at a later time.  This might mean returning on a sunny afternoon and enjoying the last glass on the deck or having it served at the dinner table if guests return for another meal.  As there is no taxi service in the Trinity area this practice is especially helpful to diners who must drive back to surrounding communities at the end of the night.

The Newfoundland Liquor Cooperation does not allow for BYOB in restaurants.  However, if you are planning a very special occasion and would like to enjoy a specific wine with your meal, please contact us ahead of time and ask for our sommelier.  If it is not already on our list, but available in Eastern Newfoundland, our sommelier will do what she can to find it for you and have it ready to serve when you arrive for your meal!  Please give at least two weeks notice for such requests as it might require sourcing from St. John’s.


The Scotch list features over 10 fine scotches including 15yr Highland Park, 12yr Lagavulin and Johnny Walker Blue Label.  Our most expensive scotches are served to guests in our whisky glasses made by the World Famous Ridle Glass Company, perfectly shaped to enhance aromas and flavours as you drink.  Irish, Canadian and American whiskies are also listed.


There is nothing better than sitting on the deck with a Martini, Cosmopolitan or Caesar mixed with Newfoundland made Iceberg Vodka.


The Twine Loft is proud to support local product and offers 6 beers from the Quidi Vidi Brewing Company brewed right here in Newfoundland. These beers come in a variety of styles including lagers, traditional ales, and cream ales and are an excellent match to Newfoundland cuisine.

Specialty Coffees,Teas & Liqueurs

Dinner shouldn’t end with dessert, but a good aperitif! Wind down from a long day of exploring the Trinity area with one of the Twine Loft’s many specialty hot drinks including Irish Coffee and Blueberry Tea or sip on a liqueur.

Our Restaurant

Experience the Twine Loft

Operating in 2023 Thursday May 4th- October 16th (end date may extend to October 24) 

Join us for a multi-course evening meal by candlelight on the water’s edge in Trinity. The Twine Loft is recommended by Where to Eat in Canada and is one of the top restaurants on the Bonavista Peninsula.  The evening dining experience includes a 3-course meal. Beverages and gratuities are not included. Price for 2022 season is $65 plus tax.

See below for sitting times.