Using 2020 Gift Certificates Issued As Result of Shut Down

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There were 2 two types of gift certificates offered to guests with 2020 reservations.

Cancellation Fee Gift Certificate

The $28.75 gift certificate was offered as a gift from the Artisan Inn to cover the non-refundable amount* of the refunded deposit.  These gift certificates must be used by the end of the 2022 season before they are considered void.  These gift certificates must be used by the individual who made the initial booking and cannot be exchanged for cash if a guest cannot use them. These gift certificates can only be used towards accommodations and not the Twine Loft restaurant as the two businesses are run separately.

* The non-refundable amount is the amount outlined in the cancellation policy when a reservation was made.  When guests booked prior to Covid-19, it was stated on their invoice that there was  non-refundable $25 plus tax cancellation fee which helps our business cover costs incurred from taking and refunding reservations for any reason.  

Deferred deposit gift certificate 100% +10%

Guests who left their deposit for a future booking were issued two gift certificates. One for 100% of the deposited amount and an additional one for 10% of the deposit value as a thank-you from us.

The 10% gift certificate can only be used towards paying for accommodations.

The 100% gift certificate which equals the value of cash actually paid  and still in our accounts, can be used towards accommodations and or dining.

Cancelling a reservation that uses a deferred deposit gift certificate:

Once a new reservation is made with a deferred deposit gift certificate, the standard cancellation policy applies to that gift certificate.
EX: If you cancel between rebooking and 45 days prior to the booking, the 10% gift certificate will be voided and the 100%gift certificate will be refunded minus the cancellation fee outlined for that time period.
If you cancel within 8 days of the booking, the gift certificate is non-refundable and the remainder of the reservation charged to your credit card will not be refunded.
If you wish to postpone a second time, but not cancel, the gift certificate, including the 10%, can be fully reissued until 30 days prior to the first booked night. Within 30 day it is considered a cancellation and not a deferral and regular cancellation policies apply to the principal gift certificate.

Determining that you cannot use your deferred deposit gift certificate

We recognize that when guests made the decision to defer, we were not certain if restriction to travel would last another month or year.  Deferred gift certificates are good until the end of 2024, however, if you determine that a stay with us is not possible, we can refund the certificate.  The additional 10% gift certificate will be voided, not refunded, since this was a gift for leaving the deposit with us for a new booking and does not represent a deposit amount. The 100% gift certificate will be refunded to your credit card minus the $28.75 cancellation fee agreed to when the original booking was made.