Travelling with Children: Accommodations and Dining

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The minimum age of guests in accommodations

The houses we rent by the room are historic homes and restored preserving their historic integrity, this means that they are not as sound proofed as modern built hotels. Due to potential noise issues, we require that all guests in a room be 6 or older.

This does not mean that children under the age of 6 are not welcome at the Artisan Inn.  Our vacation homes are available for families traveling with children of all ages.  A pack and play is available upon request.

The minimum age of guests at The Twine Loft for evening dining
Please note that these policies apply to evening dining only. There is no minimum age for breakfast at the Twine Loft

Please know that we have given great thought to our decision regarding how we cater to families with children at the Twine Loft. These decisions have not been easy as we hate to disappoint those wishing to experience an evening in our dining room. The Twine Loft is a small intimate dining room that only seats 22 people during a sitting. Each sitting lasts between 1.5 – 2 hours. While we have had wonderful children dine with us, there have been occasions where parents did not fully understand the experience prior to booking or did not prepare their children by outlining expectations for behavior in a fine dining setting.  If you feel that the Twine Loft experience is a good fit after reviewing the below information, please contact us so we can discuss your booking.

We recommend that children are 10 or older to dine in the Twine Loft. Exception may be made if the child or children in your party:

Eat from the regular offered menu at the advertised dining price:
Why we have this policy: Our kitchen is run from 2 household stoves and in one sitting we often need to accommodate gluten free, dairy free vegan and vegetarian special menus in addition to our regular choices. Regretfully we do not have the space to offer special children’s menus in addition to that.   We recognize that children do not eat as much food as adults, however, we have very limited capacity and very low turn over in a night which is why we operate at a set rate. Offering meals for a reduced price under these conditions impacts our abilities to operate as a business which has been especially tough in the recent years due to Covid-19. 

Remain seated at the table for the duration of the dinner and be able to express themselves at a volume appropriate for an intimate fine dining setting. Children may not leave the table between courses to play outside unsupervised and must use headphones if they are using any form of technology with audio at the table or on the deck.
Why we have this policy: Allowing this is the past has unfortunately led to damage of property such as our gardens and the disruption of the experience of other guests on the premises. Please also note that all guests are served their courses at the same time, so requesting to have the delivery of courses delayed in order to accommodate children needing a supervised break outdoors or requesting food quicker is not possible.  

Children can only dine at the earlier sitting (a sitting offer at or prior to 7pm) as NL Liquor Laws prohibit minors from being on the premises after 8:30pm