Dinner Cancellation Policy

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Cancelling a Dinner Reservation
Within 24 Hours of the booked time

Our dining room has limited capacity and despite running a waitlist it can sometimes be difficult to fill a cancellation within 24 hours based on the alternative plans people have made.  Also, the preparation of certain menu items sometimes begins the evening prior to the reserved dinner date.

The cancellation fee will not be charged for any seat we are able to rebook.
What if I don’t like the menu

How we store your card number:
Your card number is stored in our online payment program called Stripe. Once entered staff can only see the last 4 digits of the card number and the epirey and the card can only be charged through our system and the card number cannot be used to make charges with any other businesses.

What if the Twine Loft Cancels My Dinner Reservation?
Please note that we do not take closing our dining room and cancelling reservations lightly, but given the circumstances, this decision may be necessary.