Cancellation Policy for Reservations Made with Gift Certificates

Using a Gift Certificate and Cancellation Policies

Using a Purchased Gift Certificate for Accommodation Bookings

A gift certificate that was purchased through our online booking system will display a code.  This code can be entered when making a reservation online to count towards your balance.  If the balance of your reservation is less than the total of your gift certificate, the digital copy of our gift certificate will automatically adjust to show the balance.  Please note that the value of the gift certificate used to secure the downpayment of the reservation will be treated as a regular down payment and cancellation policies will apply to the value of the provided gift certificate.

If you plan to use a gift certificate for dining and you are not a registered guest of the Artisan Inn please provide your gift certificate code in the comments section of the reservation form when you make your reservation.

Using a donated gift certificate for Accommodations Bookings

Guests with donated gift certificates who are booking the exact value of the gift certificate (for example booking a one night stay with a gift certificate for a one night stay) will be required to provide a credit card that is valid between the date of booking and the date of the stay.  No deposit will be charged to the card at the time of booking, however, the card is required if there are additional charges required during the stay. If the guest cancels within 30 days of the reserved date the gift certificate will be voided since a regular booking would have a non-refundable deposit of a first night stay.  The guest may contact us after to see if we were able to rebooked the reserved date. If we did rebook the stay, depending on the circumstances, we may decide to reissue your gift certificate. If we needed to offer a discounted rate to refill the room at late notice, we may only issue a partial replacement certificate at our discretion. Ex: instead of the original 1 night in a standard room gift certificate you may be issued 25, 50 or 75% off a standard room at the Artisan Inn.

Blackout dates & conditions:  Certain blackout dates may apply to your accommodations gift certificate.

General: If someone has a gift certificate for 1 night in a vacation home, the Artisan Inn will, in most cases, waive the minimum 2 night stay (or 3 night depending on the vacation home).  The minimum night stay will not be waived if bearer of the gift certificate only wishes to reserve for 1 night and it creates two 1 night vacancies before and after the requested night.
Ex: if May 4, 5 and 6 were available for booking a particular house, the gift certificate cannot be applied to May 5th, unless the bearer also reserves and pays for an additional night stay before or after.

Specific Blackout dates: A donated gift certificate may have specific black out dates such as long weekends.

Multi-day stays using a gift certificate

Guests booking a multi-day stay will be charged  a down payment for the first night stay and may apply their gift certificate to the balance upon check out.

Dinner Gift Certificates:

Using a purchased gift certificate
This is a gift certificate that the Twine Loft received money for versus one that was donated by the Twine Loft to a not for profit in an auction
When reserving dinner you will need to provide a credit card and review our cancellation policy.  If you intend to use a gift certificate to pay for dinner please provide the gift certificate code in the additional comments section of the booking form.  Should you cancel your reservation within 24 hours of your dinner, the cancellation fee will be reduced from the gift certificate. If the gift certificate provided does not cover the cancellation fee outlined in our policy the remainder will be charged to the credit card on file. If you are using a gift certificate won or purchased at an auction the cancellation fee will be applied to your credit card as the Twine Loft has received no money from the organization for the gift certificate.  

Service Style Gift Certificates and Gift Certificates Issued Prior to 2018
If you have a service style gift certificate (Dinner for 2 versus $200) or an older version of our gift certificates, issued before March 2018 (these usually display a number starting with AI or TL), you must bring the physical gift certificate showing the expiration date with you in order to redeem its value. Cancellation fees will need to apply to your credit card as we do not have the power to digitally adjust older gift certificates.