Trinity is without a doubt one of the most picturesque outport towns in Newfoundland.  Walk down the quiet streets lined with white picket fences and wooden houses as you listen to the sound of waves lapping against the rickety fishing stages. 

Comb the beaches for beautiful green and blue sea glass, sand dollars, sea urchins and pieces of clay pipe lost and broken decades ago, all of which make excellent Newfoundland souvenirs.  Eagles are often seen soaring over the town and Arctic Terns skilfully dive into the water as they hunt for food.  

In May and June icebergs can often be spotted in the harbour as well as the occasional seal.   

During the summer the town’s garden's and fields bloom with an excellent array of wild flowers including Irises, Lupins, Snapdragons and Daisies. 

Admire various styles of Newfoundland’s traditional architecture including saltbox houses, fishing stores, the brick merchant’s house and wooden churches.

It is argued that the Holy Trinity Catholic Church is not only the oldest wooden church in Newfoundland, but also the oldest in North America.  The St. Paul’s Anglican Church is a marvel to behold and visitors should stop in to admire the beautiful architecture.  The ceiling of the church is designed to mirror the hull of a boat.

Those who wish to have a view of the entire town, Fort Point Lighthouse, the cliffs of Skerwink and the Atlantic Ocean all at once should walk to the top of Gun Hill.

Trinity, Newfoundland

Trinity, Newfoundland

Trinity, Newfoundland

Trinity, Newfoundland

Trinity, NL