Trinity is surrounded by rocky beaches perfect for searching out treasures such as colourful seashells, sea glass and old clay pipes.  Visitors who come in late spring early summer just might get the change to witness "the capelin run".  This is when thousands of silvery capelin roll up on the beaches to spawn.  Not only is it an amazing sight to behold, but it also serves as an indication that the whales, which feed on capelin, will soon be arriving! While many of the area's beaches are rockey there is one sandy beach in Elliston, just keep in mind the water is quite cold.


 The Bald Eagle:

Bald Eagles are no stranger to Trinity Bay.  Visitors can spot eagle's nests while hiking or taking a boat tour. These magnificent birds are often spotted soaring over the town of Trinity and are hard to miss with wingspans sometimes reaching over 6 feet.  Immature eagles are brown and do not develop their white heads and tails until they are five years old.  Because Trinity Bay is a popular nesting ground, bird watchers can see these majestic creatures at their different ages. 

The Atlantic Puffin:

Atlantic Puffins spend most of their time at sea but return to land during spring and summer to form breeding colonies. One such breeding colony is locatedin Elliston on route 238 and is just a short drive from Trinity. These white and black birds with colourful beaks are only 10 inches tall and flap their wings at over 400 beats per minute.  It can often be difficult to photograph a puffin as it flies, but plenty can be spotted resting on land tending their burrows.   

The Arctic Tern:

This bird is known for making the longest annual migration in the animal kingdom, guaranteeing itself two summers, lending it the nickname "bird of the sun".  The Arctic Tern can often be spotted diving for small fish and crustacean around Trinity's beaches and directly in front of the Twine Loft Restaurant. 


Puffins in Elliston on the Bonavista Peninsula of Eastern Newfoundland's Legendary Coasts

Newfoundland Puffins in Elliston on the Bonavista Peninsula of Eastern Newfoundland's Legenary Coasts