Before booking we ask that you take a moment to review our policies. These policies have been put in place to gaurentee that all guests staying at our properties are offered the experience we advertise.

Making the choice to book at the Artisan Inn reflects an agreement to respect the policies listed below. 

While we are reasonable and deal with situations case by case, guests who do not abide by these policies may be charged an additional amount to cover costs incurred or may be asked to leave without a refund on their accommodations. 

Included below are our policies on the following:

Cancellation Policy



Young Children

Cooking Shellfish in Vacation Homes

Cleanliness & Excess Mess


Cancellation of Booking:

In order to guarantee a room or vacation home, a deposit of the first night stay is required. For bookings 5 days or longer a deposit of the first 2 nights will be required. For bookings of 8 days or longer, a 25% deposit of the entire stay will be required.


Once a deposit is processed:

Deposits on bookings cancelled within the first 24 hours of them being made will be fully refunded

Deposits on bookings canceled 30 days prior to the first reserved date are fully refunded, minus a $25 administration fee

Deposits on bookings of 1-2 nights canceled 30 days to 48 hours prior to the first reserved date will be refunded 50%.*

Deposits on bookings of 3 nights or longer canceled 30 days to 15 days prior to the first reserved date will be refunded 50%.*

Deposits on bookings of 3 days or longer, canceled 15 days to 48 hours before the first reserved date will be refunded 50% only if all reserved nights are rebooked.  

Deposits on booking canceled less than 48 hours before the reserved date are non-refundable.*

*Should we re-book all the canceled nights a full refund will be given, minus a $25 administration fee.

Our Policy Regarding Smoking:

All of our properties are non-smoking.  

Our Policy Regarding Pets

We do not allow any type of pet to be brought into our rooms our vacation homes.  We understand that many people have very well behaved animals, however, the potential for uncontrollable sound, damages, residual odors or allergic reactions of future guests is just too great. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Our Policy Regarding Children:


Due to potential noise issues, we can only rent rooms at our inn to families traveling with children above the age of 6.   Out of courtesy to other guests in our buildings, we have an age minimum to stay in these rooms.  We can only allow one child in a standard room with a couple.  If Parents are traveling with more than one child they must rent a vacation unit.

This does not mean that children under the age of 6 are not welcome at the Artisan Inn.  Our vacation homes are available for families traveling with children of all ages.  A pack and play is available upon request.

Evening Dining With Children:

The Twine Loft is a small intimate dining room that only seats 20 people during a sitting. Each sitting lasts between        1 1/2 - 2 hours. We ask that parents keep this in mind when deciding whether or not it is appropriate to bring their child into the Twine Loft.

Our 5:30 dinner sitting is open to minors as it is a more casual atmosphere.  Parents may accompany their children to the loft area during dinner if they are feeling restless at the table.

We support mothers who wish to breastfeed their children in the dining room. They are also welcome to use the upstairs loft where there is more privacy as well as comfortable seating.

There is one high chair available in the Twine Loft and can be made available to the first party it is requested by.

We request that only adults attend our 7:45 dinner sitting as it is a more formal atmosphere. 

Our Policy Regarding Shellfish

(Applies to rentals with kitchens):

We do not permit shellfish to be cooked in our vacation homes.  We apologize for this inconvenience, as we understand that many people like to eat shellfish while in Newfoundland.  Some people may find this request unfair, but this is now a common practice in Newfoundland Vacation Homes.  It can take multiple days for the odor of shellfish to be removed from a house.  This comes from both the cooking of the lobster and the cracking of the lobster.  As a result, guests may not cook the lobster outside and bring it in to eat.  We apologize for any inconvenience, however, this is a health hazard for those suffering from severe shellfish allergies. We can recommend other spots where lobster is available.

Cleanliness and Excess Mess:

An additional fee may be charged to the credit card used during booking should excess mess be left in a room or vacation home.  Guests in vacation homes may choose to leave their dishes, pots, and pans for the staff to clean for a fee of $50. Should items in a property be broken or go missing during a guest's stay they may be charged for the cost and shipping of that item's replacement.  

Maximum number of people in homes:

Please be considerate of bringing outside guests into the vacation homes. The maximum number of people  (both paying guests and non-guests) in a house at any given time is 12 people.  Our vacation homes may not be rented for hosting group events or functions larger than this number without special permission from the front desk.  Should guests decide to ignore this request we reserve the right to ask all guests, including those renting the house, to leave the premises  immediately with no refund on the remainder of their stay. Please note that each house has its own individual limit to the number of guests it can sleep.