Here are some questions we are frequently asked about our vacation home rentals

How do I check into my reserved vacation home?

All guests are asked to register at the Twine Loft where a staff member will bring you to the building you have rented.  We do not have a practice of self-check ins.

If I rent a vacation home from the Artisan Inn

what services are included?

Vacation Homes rented by the Artisan Inn are "self-catering". This means that staff do not enter the houses for turn down service and meals, such as breakfast, are not included.  Guests may decide to pay an extra fee to have these services included and this should be negotiated when booking.  Any additional services arranged will be noted on the confirmation.  If you feel that your confirmation does not reflect arrangements made during the booking process, we request you contact us immediately for a correction, as services provided will be based on the confirmation sheet provided upon check in.

Are any basic supplies provided in the house?

Yes. Dried goods such as coffee, tea, sugar, flour, coffee whitner, salt, pepper as well as cooking oil are provided in each vacation home so you don't need to bring it with you.  If you require a small amount of fresh milk for coffee, or a table spoon of a certain spice fou forgot to bring, the Twine Loft will gladly provide it within reason.  

Household essentials such as bedding, towels, soap, two in one shampoo/conditioner, hairdryers and so on will be provided.

What is the housekeeping policy for longer stays?

Housekeepers will visit vacation homes every four to five days to change the sheets, switch dirty towels for clean towels and collect any garbage.  Should guests need any essential supplies between these visits they can contact the Twine Loft and someone will be sent.

What happens if the vacation home requires maintenance

during my stay?

Call or drop by the Twine Loft where the Artisan Inn office is located.  We will have our maintenance staff or contact professionals to have the problem fixed as soon as possible..

Is the water safe to drink?

Vacation Homes are hooked up to town water which is treated and tested on a daily basis.  From time to time a boil order will be placed on the town's water source.  In this situation, a 4 litre jug of clean drinking water will be provided upon check in, however vacation home renters are responsible for either boiling their water or purchasing drinking water from one of the surrounding grocers.  

Please read our policy page regarding:

Shellfish, Pets, Smoking and Damages before booking.