Rugged Beauty Boat Tours

Step back in time with Captain Bruce Miller and explore the quiet coves and harbours once occupied by bustling, communities.

This is not a whale watching or eco tour, but an exploration of Trinity Bight’s history from Bonaventure to Ireland’s Eye.  The vessel sticks to the land’s dramatic cliffs and beaches allowing passengers to spot eagles nesting and occasionally spot a whale or iceberg depending on the season.  

This tour is lead by lifetime local resident Bruce Miller who tells the story of how confederation and resettlement affected smaller communities, which are now only evident from the ruins of abandoned churches, stages and sheds.

Rugged Beauty Boat Tours operates from very early May to late October.  Bruce does not have a POS machine, however, visitors who wish to pay with credit or debit may do so at the Twine Loft.

Avid hikers may be dropped off at the community of British Harbour and hike back to New Bonaventure, passing through Kearley's Harbour and the Random Passage Site.  Visit the Discovery Trail to learn more about this hike.

*If you are lucky enough to come during Newfoundland’s food fishery, when people can catch cod for personal consumption, Bruce might let you fish a cod off the side of the boat and demonstrate how to fillet it back on shore.  Bruce will often donate this fish to older community members who cannot get out to fish themselves. However, if you are renting one of our self-catering properties, he might let you take some cod home to cook up in your full kitchen, a true culinary experience from sea to table with the freshest fish you will ever eat!  This experience is not promised in the tour and depends on Bruce’s time, the safety and comfort of all passengers and the dates and regulations set by the government.

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Trip Adivor Reviews

rachVA Arlington, Virginia Aug 13, 2010


Bruce Miller's boat tour was recommended by our hotel, and it was absolutely worth it, even in foggy and chilly weather. Bruce is a one-man shop, and the personal touch shows. We happened to be the only two on his boat that day, as others were scared off by the weather, so Bruce let us dictate where we wanted to go. His specialty is visiting the history of the re-settled (i.e., abandoned) fishing villages along the coast; he was born in one of them. He's a trove of local historical information and political opinion. Because we love whales and dolphins and happened to come across LOTS of them, he indulged us by departing from the historical tour and following the animals. We also saw several bald eagles, loons, etc. Because we were there during the period when cod fishing is allowed, he showed us how to fish with his poles, and even how to clean the fish afterwards (he donated the fish we caught to local elderly folks). It was a GREAT couple of hours. Highly recommend it.

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