Create the Perfect Gift Certificate:

The Artisan Inn offers gift certificates with monetary values or with product and service values.  Contact us and we can create the gift certificate that works best for you!

Gift certificates can be sent my mail or an electronic version may be requested.  

For Gift Certificates,room rental, suites, and vacation home rentals.

call 709 464 3377 or email the Artisan Inn.

For dinner reservations:

call 709 464 3377 or email the Twine Loft.


Monetary Value

$50, $100, $150, $250, $500... Certificate for the Twine Loft and Artisan Inn

These gift certificates can be set at any value and can be used towards accommodations at the Inn, meals and drink at the Twine Loft or both! 

The gift certificate pictured above is not an actual representation of how they will appear.  All gift certificates have an individual code printed on the back along with the manager's signature.  Gift certificates must be used before the expiration date posted on the back.