For tourists who stay for a few days, a week, or much longer there are many conveniences that include excellent tourist attractions and services for both residents and tourists. You won't need to go far to avail yourself of these.

Town Amenities & Attractions

Within walking distance of the Artisan Inn are the following:

The Royal Bank

Canada Post Outlet

PharmaChoice Pharmacy

Park with volleyball court, swings and slides

6 Craft Shops and Art Galleries

4 Restaurants

A Coffee Shop


2 Whale Watching / Boat Tours

Kayaking Tours

Hiking Trails

Rising Tide Theatre

Guided Walking Tour

7 Historic Buildings offering guided tours

Anglican and Catholic churches offering weekly services

Even during the height of the tourism season, Trinity  feels like a quiet picturesque outport community with both genuine and generous residents.  Because the Artisan Inn hosts its guests in a variety of smaller properties, most of which have their own sitting rooms and decks overlooking the calm waters, it is easy to enjoy time alone with a book or cup of coffee or wander to the beach to look for colourful glass, seashells and other treasures. 

Guests who feel like socializing can come to the Twine Loft at any time and meet fellow visitors or chat with local staff on the deck or the in the loft.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

7 Historical Sites in Trinity

Historical Walking Tour

Whale Watching Tours

Drink Service by the Water

Ocean View Dining

Kayaking Tours

Rising Tide Theatre

Hikes with Ocean Views