While making a day trip to Bonavista from Trinity, visit one of the most accessible puffin colonies in Newfoundland.

From Route 230 Bonavista: 6.5km 9 minutes

Elliston is one of the best places in Newfoundland to observe a natural puffin habitat.  Park the car and take a short walk out towards a small island Observers can often get close enough to the puffins to not need binoculars.

Watch this YouTube video of a Puffin in Elliston

This area is known as the Root Cellar Capital of the World.  Over 135 documented root cellars dot the hillsides, some having survived nearly two centuries.  See how the original town residents once stored their vegetables in order to survive the winter and prevent their vegetables from freezing before the days of electricity.

Elliston also has one of the peninsulas only Sandy beaches.  Keep in mind, Newfoundland waters are fairly chilly even during the summer.  

Driving Directions: When you arrive in Elliston take Old Road towards Maberly. Pass the park and the sandy beach and arrive at a deck chair cut and painted like a puffin.  Park around here and walk out to the cliffs.  To see bird island.