Live @ the Loft in Trinity
Pamela Morgan sings traditional Newfoundland songs

"For 19 years, Pamela Morgan was lead singer, guitarist, and arranger for the Canada’s pioneering “Celtic” band, Newfoundland’s Figgy Duff. "The Duff" spent years scouring Nfld's tiny coastal villages, learning songs and tunes in the oral tradition, polishing and arranging them, rescuing them from extinction, and presenting them on stage and CD with care and grace. Along with like-minded artists and visionaries, Figgy Duff helped spearhead the cultural revolution in Newfoundland, convincing a generation who followed that there was value in tradition.

At the forefront was Morgan's voice; "gorgeous, dusky singing", "a voice that lifts you up and lays you down on a bed of thoughts and dreams." After 4 albums, and countless tours throughout North America and Europe, Figgy Duff disbanded, and Pamela embarked upon her own musical journey, producing some of the most critically acclaimed traditional albums ever to come from NL, with some of its most important artists (Anita Best, Emile Benoit, Conne River Micmaq). In recent years, Pamela has been spearheading her own independent record label, Amber Music, producing albums for various artists, and writing; for stage and film, and for her own solo albums; "On a Wing and a Prayer" (1996), and "7 Years" (1992) Pamela is the creator of "The Nobleman's Wedding", a folk opera. This is Newfoundland traditional music at its finest- ancient ballads intricately interwoven to create a love story of a girl and her sailor, her parents and the wealthy suitor, the conflict, the wedding, and the tragic surprise. She continues to write, arrange, perform, and tour, in her own highly original and hauntingly beautiful style. Pam Morgan is one of our Province’s musical treasures. "