Onelvis FernandezOnelvis Fernandez


    Live @ The Twine Loft

   June 7,  8:30

   Tickets $15


In case you never got away to Cuba this winter and yearn for the sounds of the Buena Vista Social Club, let us bring a taste of Cuba to you. Join us for an unforgettable  evening of beautiful Latin vocals and spell binding guitar. ...


   Guitar, Cuban Tres, singer/songwriter Hierrito Fernandez

Born in Holguin Cuba, made his way to Toronto Canada in 2004.  Since then, this multi-instrumentalist musician has been mesmerizing audiences alongside the most renowned musicians in Cuba and Toronto. His genre scope knows no bounds. From modern jazz to Brazilian jazz and his flag sound is the sounds of Cuba, old and new.  Hierrito’s guitar dexterity is unique and spell-binding. At an early age his mother taught him his first music lesson on Cuban tres, a quintessential Cuban guitar. At that point music became his soul drive. Hierrito attended the Jose Maria Ochoa Conservatory in Holguin where he graduated to become the great artist he is today.

His experience since his academic years includes founding in Cuba of Trio Union, Las Neiras group, and collaborations with the renown Arara group in Cuba. In Toronto, Onelvis regularly collaborates with musicians like Luis Mario Ochoa, Tipica Toronto, maestro Hilario Duran, Café Cubano, Clave King (Johnny Borres), Joaquin Nuñez, and also the great bassist Roberto Riveron, his cousin. His regular weekly gigs at various venues in and around Toronto have over the years generated a big fan base for this remarkable artist.

Currently, Onelvis settled his residence to be St John's Newfoundland as part of his crusade to conquer the already musically rich Eastern Canada.Check out his performance schedule and current news to get the scoop on this great artist