"OH TO BE BACK AT THE TWINE LOFT. No mics. No wires. All natural. All Acoustic. All RELAXED." - The Once

The Twine Loft was one of the first venues where Geraldine Hollett, Andrew Dale and Phil Chuchill played together as "the Once".  The meaning behind their name can be found in the Newfoundland Engish Dictionary and means "as soon as possible, right away"  

The trio of young folk musicians met in Trinity while working as actors for Rising Tide Theatre's Season in the Bight. Since their start just a few short years ago they have gone on to receive provincial and national acclaim, winning 2 2010 Canadian Folk Music Awards as well as four 2009 Music Newfoundland and Labrador Awards.  Despite their huge success and international performance tours, the Once have continued to return to Trinity to perform in the Twine Loft year after year.  


September 28th, 2010

THE ONCE get 3 of 4 stars in Canada’s Globe and Mail


Just as the sea refuses no river, the Once turns back no listeners. These three Newfoundlanders gracefully and evocatively offer gem-like maritime music – foot-stomping shanties, heart-rendering ballads, salt-aired interpretations (of Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen tunes) and a cappella three-part harmonies thicker than Mama Cass’s midriff. The drinkable Geraldine Hollett is the pure-voiced starlet, riveting on the soloed Marguerite. Something singular is happening here, you bet.

Brad Wheele

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