Route 239

With detour to lighthouse: 22.8km, 34 minutes

This is the main area where the movie The Shipping News was filmed with Gordon Pinsent, Dame Judy Dench and Julianne Moore.  Drive through Goose COve, Dunfield and Trouty towards Bonaventure.  Those interested in a boat trip can join Captain Bruce Miller on his Rugged Beauty Boat Tour.

Admiral's Point

Fort Point Lighthouse

Fort Point, also known as Admiral's Point, offers a fantastic view of Trinity.  It can ben reached by turning left at Dunfield and continuing on for 4.4km on dirt road.

This is where a British fortification once stood (cannons can still be seen) until it was destroyed during a 15 day period when the French occupied Trinity in 1762.  

The second installation of a fort was in 1812 to serve as protection against the raids of American privateers.

After the fort was abandoned a lighthouse was installed in 1871.  

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Random Passage Site

Return to Route 239 and drive to New Bonaventure. Visit The set of the CBC mini series Random Passage based on Bernice Morgan’s novels Random Passage and Waiting for Time. The site is located in New Bonaventure just a twenty minutes drive from the Artisan Inn.  While this is not a historical site, it is an excellent representation of the struggle many of the first Newfoundland settlers faced when they arrived on this barren isolated land from England and Ireland.

Musical performances by Newfoundland artists are offered every Sunday during the months of July and August.

Enjoy lunch in the tea room and shop for Newfoundland made wares such as quilts, mittens and sweaters.

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Fort Point Lighthouse

View of Trinity from Fort Point

The Atlantic Ocean

New Bonaventure

Random Passage Site