Hiking Package on the Discovery Trail, Bonavista Peninsula on the Legendary Coasts of Eastern NewfoundlandStay 3 Nights and

do the Hikes!

Duration: 4 Days, 3 Nights

Valid between May 1st and May 14th 2014

Self Catering Stardard Rooms* (2 person occupancy): $299

King Suite Studio (2 person occupancy): $375

Vacation Homes (2 person occupancy): $525 (4 person occupancy): $599 

What's Inlcuded: Your accommodations and we will provide a food kit to get you started (see below)

Spring has sprung! Come relax in the cozy town of Trinity for a minimum of 3 nights and we will provide you with a starter cooking kit!

What is provided:

When you arrive you will find: coffee, tea, 1 carton of eggs, 1 carton of milk, 1 loaf of Trinity Bakeshop Bread, (with butter and jams), fruit, baked goods from the Twine Loft and a few other goodies. This amount will be doubled for vacation home rentals with 3-4 people. Other basics including cooking oil, salt, pepper, sugar as well as all pots and pans etc will be provided also. 

Tupper Ware and a Coffee Thermose can be signed out for days you wish to explore and pack a picnic... There are a variety of convenience stores, grocery stores and wine and spirts stores in the immediate area.

Culinary Delights from the Twine Loft, Trinity Newfoundland

Why the inn's dining room is not open at this time:

The Artisan Inn offers standard inn rooms, self-catering suites as well as private vacation homes all within Trinity. During the first two weeks of May, it is often not practical to operate the dining room due to a low volume of visitors to the area. Therefore, we limit our shoulder season (May 1-15, October 15-31) availablity to visitors who wish to avail of our accommodations with self catering facilities. All Artisan Inn rooms become officially available May 15th once we are able to offer breakfast and dinner service to our guests.  

Also, there are limited dining options in the Trinity Bight area during this time so having access to a kitchen can be important to guaranteeing that you can eat what you want when you want. Any rooms rented at this time will have kitchen access in the same building the rented room is located in and guests will only have to share the kitchen facilities with a maximum of one other set of guests at a time. Deciding to rent a vacation home or the King Studio Suite guarantees complete privacy if that is the experience you desire.

What will you do during your stay?

Hiking Skerwink Trail, Trinity East, Bonavista Peninsula of Newfoundland's Legendary Coasts of Eastern Newfoundland

Our May weather can be unpredictable at times, but if you pack in layers you will be ready to explore days worth of the great natural wonders the Bonavista Peninsula has to offer.  A network of 6 well maintained, clearly marked, hiking and walking trails identified as the "Hike Discovery Trails Network" are all within a 45 minute drive of the Artisan Inn, some are just a two minute walk from your front door.  The network's flagship trail, The Skerwink Trail, is located in Trinity East (10 minutes from Trinity) which has been ranked one of the top 35 hiking trails in North America and Europe. Many of the trails pass by different lighthouses, all with their own unique architectural design.

If Hiking isn't your thing, check out some of our area's points of interest.  You could visit the Dungeon Provincial Park in Bonavista, The Fort Point Lighthouse near Trinity, The Devil's Footprints in Keels or Drive through Tickle Harbour and Open Hall to see much of the scenery featured in the upcoming movie the Grand Seduction. Don't forget it is the beginning of iceberg season, so keep your eyes peeled on the coastline!

At night come back to the inn and relax with a board game, a pack of cards, a good book or borrow a copy of the Shipping News or Random Passage to watch, both shot in the area.

Vacation homes and rooms are available for this 3 night package:


All 4 Artisan Inn Vacation Homes are available for this promotion at $525 for 2 people or $599 for 4 people

Cove Cottage, Gover House, Harbour House, Lighthouse View

Rooms with ensuite kitchens: $375

The King Suite Studio (Located in Barbour Place / Wheelchair friendly)

Rooms with shared kithcen access: $299

The Lighthouse Keeper's Room (located in Lighthouse View)

Water Street Room (Located in Lighthouse View)

Fisher Cove Room (Located in Campbell House)

Fort Point Room (Located in Campbell House)



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