Gover House is the other Artisan Inn property recognized as a Registered Heritage Structure [1993]. The earliest owners are not known with certainty but, in 1917, the house was purchased by Captain Robert Fowlow from Arthur Power, a member of a Trinity merchant family. Captain Fowlow, also of Trinity, was a respected skipper of a Labrador schooner. The house may have been purchased for his daughter who married a Gover. The home then remained in the Gover family for approximately 60 years andthe Gows have now owned it for about 30 years.

Gover house dates back to about the 1840’s to 1850’s and is probably the last standing original example of a once common house design in this area.  It has dormer windows that pierce the eaves, that is they are set in the roofline. This distinctive feature allowed for optimal lighting in the living spaces under the roof of these well-proportioned but otherwise modest houses. 

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Traditional Architecture

Gover House Beach

The Garden Path