The Artisan Inn’s Barbour Premise and Twine Loft are located on land once owned by Captain Stanley G. Barbour and is where he had his fishing room for storing supplies and gear for the fishery. Stanley was the great-grandson of Captain Benjamin Barbour of Newtown, Bonavista Bay where the Barbours were considered one of the most prominent fishing families.

Other important Bonavista Bay fishing families were the Keans, Winsors and Blackwoods and these families were as prominent as the well-known Bartlett family of Brigus on Conception Bay.

Of five of Benjamin’s sons who entered the fishery, the most prominent was Captain George Barbour (1858-1928).  George was the father of  Stanley Barbour who took up residence in Trinity, where George had a summer home. Stanley was a Master Mariner who took charge of father's fishing schooners when he was 19 years old [1902] and he was engaged in the cod fishery for about three decades.

In 1951 the property was acquired by Moses Kelly who built the present hip-roof styled house. Kelly sold the property to Mr. Miller in 1959 and later it was owned by Alonzo Bailey until 1993. Miller used a one-story outbuilding as a general store and, under Alonzo,  it became the village barber shop. Although now used as an outbuilding of the Artisan Inn, it is still referred to as “the barber shop”.

Under the banner of the Artisan Inn, Moses Kelly’s house has been named “Barbour Premise” to avoid confusion with another Trinity home bearing the Kelly name.