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Tourism Atlantic Technology

 Award - 2006


Demonstration of innovation, creativity, leadership and vision by using technology to advance their business practices

"The Tourism Atlantic Technology Award is presented annually to an operator within the tourism industry who exemplifies innovation, creativity, leadership and vision as they use technology to advance their business practices. It celebrates individuals who have successfully engaged technology to enhance the travel experiences of visitors to Atlantic Canada.

Tineke Gow, the recipient of this year’s Tourism Atlantic Technology Award is a true pioneer within the tourism industry, so it comes as no surprise that she was quickly drawn into the world of technology by her keen business sense. Seeing the enormous potential generated by the infamous World Wide Web, she quickly became familiar with the intricacies of webpage development, design and maintenance. Capitalizing on such things as key words, links and search engines, she was able to create a site that could compete in the global tourism marketplace. Her tireless efforts and diligence benefited not only her own business, but also businesses throughout the region as she highlighted their products in her promotion of the complete vacation experience. Through constant maintenance of the site, she is able to ensure that it provides not only an effective marketing tool for her business, but a tremendous resource for her guests.