Upper Gun Hill Trail

Route 239 (located in Trinity)

Distance .75km to top.

Difficulty: Medium - Difficult

Highlights: Panoramic View of Trinity Harbour, Berry Picking

The Experience

Gun Hill, formerly known as Ryder's Hill is located at the base of Trinity.  The upper trail leads straight to the top of the hill for a fantastic 360 degree view of the entire area and offers a great vantage points for picture taking.  The best time to take this hike is late afternoon. The town looks spectacular during the golden hour when the sun lowers over Fisher Cove. The walk takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes to get to the top and slightly less time to get down.  

During the summer, the trails are coloured with white purple pink and blue lupins and during the fall one can spend many peaceful hours picking wild flavorful blueberries from the hill’s many patches.  Moose have often been seen grazing on the hillside.

Guests of the Artisan may borrow a hand carved wood walking stick to make the trek easier.


Hike Discovery: Gun Hill Trail Map

Gun Hill Trail Trinity